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  1. Aussie

    Frail Angus Show Hfrs

    What is the go with Angus show females now. These frail weak cattle with no constitution, no real muscle, no real depth are just man made rubbish. They are a completely different breed to what the commercial world want and need. I know this is a show site but surely the cattle shown should have...
  2. Aussie

    Sky High bull calf

    Sky High x Young Dale Pollyanna 22P bull calf. Bit excited about this guy.
  3. Aussie

    Angus heifer for appraisal

    Young Dale Xcaliber x Hyline Rightway 781. 12 months
  4. Aussie

    C C & 7 bull calf

    CC & 7 x HF Tiger 11 months 1330 lb
  5. Aussie

    My Angus show hfr. I like her does anyone else

    Connealy Consensus x HF Tibbie 11T
  6. Aussie

    CC&7 bull calf

    6 month old calf out of Tiger cow. Thoughts ?
  7. Aussie

    Old Shorthorn bulls that still look good

    Pictures from The New Pictorial cyclopedia of Livestock  1901
  8. Aussie

    This years Angus Show Bull

    Tiger x Freightliner cow (MVF Ellen 634T). 13 months. First clip. 3 months out from first show
  9. Aussie

    Rate this bull

    6 months old only had grass. Tiger x Networth
  10. Aussie

    What makes a good Jackpot ?

    Looking to organise a jackpot show over here we don't have any and looking for some help on what to do. What works and what doesn't?  Any tips? Is all money paid in to pool and winner takes all ?
  11. Aussie

    Angus heifer calves

    Heifer side on is a Tiger 5t x MVF Ellen (Canadian bred) the other pure Aussie
  12. Aussie

    Angus calf New stud sire ?

    Mid June Angus calf HF Tiger 5T x MVF Favourite 46T (maternal sire Net Worth)
  13. Aussie

    Merry Christmas

    Not been on here much lately but to all my SP friends Merry Christmas or happy holidays as you say. Hope y'all breed and show that good one this coming year.  <beer>
  14. Aussie

    This years show team (pics to pick on)

    I usually put a few pics up at this time of the year for comment. Shows are two months out and the cattle are still pretty green but are eating well. Both are 16 months the hfr is by Ironstone and the Bull by an Aussie Sire Dylemma Radar. <beer>
  15. Aussie

    My kids first project

    Well lots of people on here post pics of there kids and cattle. I am just as as proud as any other parent here are my kids plus our new dog yes an adobted retired greyhound working on their calf. :)
  16. Aussie

    Picture of my new Steer project

    Well here he is. We Aussies have no idea so tell me what you think. Very green been shut in a yard off cow for 5 days so not looking his best. Rat tailed but dead quiet hoping he will be right for my six year old sons first calf. Thoughts
  17. Aussie

    Opinions on this Angus bull

    Just out of the cows very much in his working clothes.
  18. Aussie

    Christmas wishes

    To all on steer planet all the best for Christmas and the new year. Thanks for the help and feed back over the past year. Thanks to all I met this year your hospitality was amazing. Have a great holiday period we can all look forward to next years calf crop
  19. Aussie

    Help. Catchy name for a sale needed

    Friends of mine are having their first sale. They breed Charolais and Red Angus and are having a sale in the fall next year. Their stud name is Pine Park and are looking for a catchy tag ie. Legends of the Fall. Any suggestions ?  <beer>
  20. Aussie

    Does this read like a con ?

    Recieved this email in a bulk email list from a SP member who I have always had a lot of time for and has given me some good advice over time but this is I feel a bit sus. ??? I really hope you get this fast. I could not inform anyone about our trip, because it was impromptu. we had to be in...