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  1. shortyjock89

    New twist on Shorthorn Show Heifers.

    This is a Red Demand x Ace of Diamonds heifer we raised and is being shown to great success by a very talented young man. She was 2nd in a very competitive class at NAILE, and was Reserve Champion today at Scarlet and Gray. I know she's not exactly completely out of left field,  but there's no...
  2. shortyjock89

    (More) Shorthorn Cattle for you all to look at.

    We pictured cattle this previous weekend, and I kinda wanted to show off the first two calves by our young donor, OLSN Revival.  The cow herself was only shown once, and was Reserve Grand Champion at the IL State Fair 2013. Her first calf is by TM Gus and has been a great show heifer for us so...
  3. shortyjock89

    Another Hereford heifer..... I think this one's pretty special.

    May, Tankeray x H Lady Maxium 111 (5139R daughter).  She will be on display at KC. May be worth mentioning that this heifer's grandmother sold for 175k to Sierra Ranches in 2013 and a maternal sister to 111 by 88x sold for 180k just a few weeks ago.  This calf kind of fuses the best of two...
  4. shortyjock89

    Hereford heifers.

    Just in case anyone still thinks that Herfs can't be just a shiny as any other breed.
  5. shortyjock89

    Judge selection for major shows

    I get what OP is saying, but I know most of the guys we show under, from state preview all the way up to national shows. My neighbor is judging a very high profile show this fall. If we do well, is it wrong?
  6. shortyjock89

    Underrated or forgotten products? Or What did you learn this summer?

    Since today kind of marks the end of the summer show season, I figured we could kind of share what we believe are under used or forgotten products that people overlook these days. Might also be a good time to share some newly gathered wisdom. I'll go first. Underrated product- Sullivan's...
  7. shortyjock89

    Torrance Herefords. Or, what I'm doing with my time.

    I figured I'd show everyone what I'm up to these days since I seem to chime in on as much Hereford stuff as I do Shorthorn. First two pictures are of a couple heifers we're showing this year. The top one won her class both days and was champ div V in the bred and owned show at jr nationals...
  8. shortyjock89

    SULL Traveling Ruby or Trying to do well and not sell your kidneys to do it.

    So last fall it was time to buy a show heifer for my sister's last year in the Jr program.  I searched high and low, to no avail.  Then it was the weekend of huge Shorthorn sales in Iowa.  We have traditionally raised our own or purchased from what I would call reputable breeders and tried not...
  9. shortyjock89

    Shorthorn Plus/Mainetainer heifer update.

    I got her roughed out for the Illinois Beef Expo this weekend. I think she's pretty good. Come see us in Springfield!
  10. shortyjock89

    Interesting ShorthornPlus/Mainetainer heifer.

    This is a Simplicity x AoD. Her mother was (gasp) one of those show heifers from a big firm that apparently don't make cows.  Gave her a bath and a quick trim since I was home for thanksgiving. Any opinions, as always, are welcome.
  11. shortyjock89

    Did a little roughing out this weekend.

    This is a TM Gus x Double Vision heifer we sold this fall. I didn't realize how close they lived to me (I live across the state from my parents and the shorthorn farm) until they phoned and asked if I would be able to rough her out for Louisville. Long story short, we started looking for hotel...
  12. shortyjock89

    Showing cattle as a way to do a bit of international travel?

    I've been thinking more and more lately that I'd like to see how people in other countries show cattle. I know the Euro dairy shows are quite impressive, and there are good beef cattle, shorthorns in particular, all over the world. I also know that work permits and other things can get sticky in...
  13. shortyjock89

    The "shuck" thread. Important spring time tactics for rookies and veterans alike

    This time of year there are more and more good days out. So it makes sense to get your steer or heifer in and get them all shined up after a long winter.  You go to comb the loose dirt out of them...and out comes a comb full of hair.  There are spots on the calves where they've been rubbing...
  14. shortyjock89

    Paul Harvey...God Made a Farmer...Super Bowl Ad

    Anyone else see it? Very impressed by it. I heard it before I saw it, and had no idea it was a Dodge advert. Kudos to Dodge, showing agriculture in a very positive light on primetime national TV in a way that is easily digested by the masses.  (clapping)
  15. shortyjock89

    Anyone like craft beer?

    Just wondering if anyone here enjoys a quality brew.  I'm on quite the sout kick as of late, it being winter and what not. Bell's Special Double Cream Stout and Left Hand Milk Stout nitro are probably my favorite as of right now.  My go to is the always delicious Sierra Nevada Kellerweis or...
  16. shortyjock89

    Shorthorn Heifers

    We have been picturing some of our spring heifers the last couple weeks and just wanted to share them with ya'll.  These four are sired by Red Diamond out of very diverse maternal lines. They definitely showcase his consistency and ability to add body, mass, and power to most any cow, while...
  17. shortyjock89

    Hilbert Show Steers

    We went this last week and really enjoyed looking at the cattle. I thought there were a few steers in particular that could be awfully tough in the coming year.  Wish we could have come a little earlier in the day, it was getting dark and the cattle were ready for bed.
  18. shortyjock89

    Who raised this shorthornplus...?

    Foil, somebody can come to clarion Iowa (where I am) to see her. She's not been in a cooler, and I have been the only one caring for her since October 7th 2011.  We have several other cattle in hoopeston available for viewing. My perception of outcross, in this situation, is the trump on trump...
  19. shortyjock89

    Who raised this shorthornplus...?

    Haters. Gonna. Hate. For real though, I've had it with this site. For a while again. If anyone cares to talk to me, pm me or you probably have my number. This place is a joke anymore with all the hate of success and shorthorns that aren't obscure, irrelevant animals.
  20. shortyjock89

    Who raised this shorthornplus...?

    Furthermore, just because i know how to care for and feed one does not mean that my cattle are inferior. Just because they may have a certain prefix does not mean they will be poor cows. And just because nobody has heard of a few of the animals you use to breed does not necessarily make them any...