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    Broker females

    Anyone have any Broker females in production? I have seen quite a few of really nice looking heifer calves this fall but was wondering how they turn out as mamas. Thanks DLZ
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    Cow in round bale feeder

    We have a cow that likes to climb into our round bale feeder. She gets her front legs in and gets her ribs through and then is stuck. She cannot back out so we have to get her all he way in and then back out. Anyone have this and have a solution for it other than sending said cow down he road? ...
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    Long/short spine vs covering their tracks

    Another post got me to thinking about this. What if you have two cattle, one with a short spine, and the other with a long spine. The short spine animal covers their tracks and the long spine comes a few inches short of doing so. But if you measure the length of each stride; they are the same...
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    Monopoly semen in on-line sales

    I seem to be seeing a lot more Monopoly semen offered lately. Do you think that his glory days are over and folks are just trying to dump what they have before the value tanks? Are there just too many more options with Monopoly sons out there that are available at a lesser cost to lessen the...
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    Heifers for reciepts

    What has been everyone's experience using virgin heifers as receipts? DLZ
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    Awarding scholarships

    Our fair's livestock committee is thinking about starting to offer scholarships to 4-H members. I was wondering if anybody else is doing this for 4-H / FFA members? If so, would you be willing to PM me your rules, requirements, application details etc? We do not want to have to reinvent the...
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    shorthorn plus bred cow for sale

    shorthorn plus bred cow for sale Born March 2006, confirmed bred to purebred Simmental bull. Easy keeper, tame and halterbroke. More Information
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    cow with very poor AI conception rate

    We have a 5 yr old cow that we have had a successful AI conception only once (her first calf), We are a very small operation and sync and time AI our cows. We generally get at least 75-80% conception rate overall but this one cow has not caught the past three years. She is in good condition and...
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    Hudsonville, MI Spring preview Show

    May 5th, 2012. Entry form attached. PM me if any questions DLZ
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    Smokin Hottie

    Anybody have calves on the ground ? What are your thoughts? What type of cows does he work on?  Looking for bulls / steers. Thanks DLZ
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    Warm winter weather

    I live in west Michigan, lake effect snow belt. Today was sunny and 54 degrees. I have had 2 inches of snow that lasted one day so far this year. 56 years old and don't ever remember a winter like this one. I love it except cow lot is becoming a mud lot. Whats the weather been like in your neck...
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    Boarding cows

    Does anyone own cows but board them elsewhere? How does this work? Do you pay a fee per month? Yearly fee? How do you handle vet/breeding costs? I only have a few cows and have to purchase all my feed antway so was thinking I might be just as well off having someone else board them for me as...
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    Best investment, 4 yr old cow or 3 full sib embryos

    If you were looking for a female to add to your herd and could get a 4yr old cow or 3 full sib embryos for the same money, which would you do and why? DLZ
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    top new sires calf crop

    So, now that most of the calves born this spring have been sold, which new sire has made the biggest splash in the steer market so far? DLZ
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    Market Heifer

    This is the Walks Alone x Chimaine heifer, broke to lead, good disposition, walks good. West Michigan DLZ
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    Fancy Blue Roan heifer

    Walks Alone x Chimaine, thick, hairy, moves good. Broke to lead. West Michigan DLZ
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    best way to supplement hay for both protein and energy?

    Cows are being fed round bales grass hay and 5lbs per day of a 12% steer finisher. Cows need to put on some weight/condition. Thinking of adding 20% Easyblox compressed block tub. Of course, wanting to do this as cheap as possible. We are located in Michigan. Thanks for your advise. DLZ
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    calf prices this fall

    I know it is early yet but was wondering what everyones thoughts are on calf prices this year; higher, lower, or about the same as previous years. I realize the top 5% will always bring top money but what about your average county fair type calves. With feed cost going up and up wondering how...
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    Custom embroidered caps

    We are looking to have some caps made up to give away to buyers of our calves as well as wear ourselves. Nothing real fancy, just farm name and a steer or cow/calf pair. Looking for suggestions or recommendations for a place to get these done at. DLZ
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    Hudsonville, MI Spring preview Show

    Come join us for a  day showing cattle and spending time with others like you who enjoy talking and showing cattle. See attach. for details