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  1. vc

    clipping for summer

    If you clipped him now he would be pressed to grow the hair back by your show, hair has about a 90 cycle, you might try just clipping him like you would for the show now. I do know it you do clip him out you leave the leg hair, tail head and belly hair. Misters will help as long as it is a fine...
  2. vc


    Unless it's freezing you can rinse them, always blow out completely, 3 to 4 tines a week with one of those being a wash, the last 3 months before the fair at least once daily. Routine, blow and comb out all the dirt and debris, rinse thoroughly rinsing the hair forward just like you would blow...
  3. vc

    Bull scratching

    Could have had a reaction to the pour on, it could be a little rain rot as well, One of the steers we are sponsoring did the same thing after the pour on, treated him with medication we got from the vet and he is fine now. We think he had a case of rain rot as well.
  4. vc


    Have the vet check him and remove what ever he has, and do it soon, see if the breeder will help with or pay for the procedure.
  5. vc

    Generator for Shows

    5500 running watts or above, double blower pulls like 38 amps, start one at a time.
  6. vc

    Opinions on Steer

    He looks good, as long as he move well you should do great.
  7. vc

    Another pair of eyes......

    We never walked our like you would a hog, just worked on what you would do in the ring, and tied them with their head up for an hour or so to build up their endurance for standing in the chute and then the ring. By walking him you are burning off the fat you are trying to put on him. We had real...
  8. vc

    Another pair of eyes......

    I agree he has plenty of room to fill into, I am a little suspect of your math 1100 plus 185 puts him at around 1285, I would put him on stabilized rice bran, add 2 pounds a day to his feed, it will help add finish. I would also start working the hair he has, up and forward at a 45% angle. Even...
  9. vc

    Bermuda grass hay

    Bermuda or grain hay, alfalfa is to rich, calves should be getting their nutrition from the feed.
  10. vc

    Can a steer that weighs 930lbs gain 70 lbs in three days? Can steers fluctuate by 20-30lbs from day to day?

    Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon, if your steer had not drank prior to weighing him, and then drank before you weighed him the next time 10 galloons could make a 80+ increase, We always weighed the same time of day (Sunday evening) to try and get a consistent weight. Prior to fair when we...
  11. vc

    Heifer Scholarship

    Currens’s Cows Foundation will be awarding a heifer scholarship again this October, applications and details can be found on our website We limit the scholarship to youth in California, so if any of you on here know of a young person who likes to show cattle, works hard and...
  12. vc

    one pretty heifer

    Heifer is being raffled off with all proceeds going to support the youth at the 2021 California Youth Ag Expo!
  13. vc

    Dealing with it

    As some of you may know, the foundation we started in my grandsons memory, Curren's Cows, sponsors heifer projects to kids in California. This year we sponsored a young lady from Shandon California, and a Young Man from our home town. With Covid and all the shut downs both young people have had...
  14. vc

    Night blind cow

    Have an older (9) cow who seems to be night blind, gets around fine during the day but at night she uses her nose to get around. I turned them out on the new grass in the pasture, with just a portion of the hot wire pulled back, so I can close it off if it rains or to irrigate if it does not...
  15. vc

    5 month old Primo Heifer

    Just wanted to share a picture of our 5 month old Primo Heifer, she is sopping wet but after no rain for the past several months that is OK with me.
  16. vc

    heifer scholarship program update

    An update on the scholarship program we started 3 years ago in honor of my grandson, we were able to supply 2 Angus heifers this past season to 2 very hardworking young women this year. They both did wonderful jobs with the heifers. Thankfully they were able to attend a few show early this year...
  17. vc

    Heifer scholarship

    To any youth who resides in the state of California, our foundation is excepting heifer scholarship applications up to October 1st. You can find the information and applications at If you know of a youth in California who would be interested please point them in our direction.
  18. vc


    Okay I was looking at a bull catalog, you have 6 full sibs all approximately the same age about 20 months, my question is how can the EPDs very so much from one to the other? The biggest gap is  Birth weight of calf 96 Ced -4 Bw+4.1 ww+80 YW +125 Radg +.20 DMI +1.02 SC +1.93 Doc +20 Cem +3 Milk...
  19. vc

    It has been a good first year.

    Well we are nearing the end of our first year of our foundations sponsoring beef projects, we were able to sponsor 2 heifer projects and one steer project. Both the girls with the heifer projects have done a great job, all though the heifers were from to different ends of the spectrum. A...
  20. vc


    This is my heifer out of Exar Tryon and an Ali granddaughter, she may have weighed 60 pounds at birth (first picture), in the second picture she is 308 days and weighing 870, I am thinking of breeding her to The Answer for a first calf. I added a picture of her clipped up, This is the heifer we...