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  1. TexasRedsAndShorties

    what are some of the best products to grow hair on goats?

    I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH SHOWCOAT SHOWCOAT SHOWCOAT it is an amazing product expensive but you’ll see the results get Volumax showcoat dress coat and fusion also hydromax and work those little suckers with a rice root good luck!
  2. TexasRedsAndShorties

    2023 Rodeo Austin!

    This website and the people on it are awesome and here is what it helped me achieve(With God And Prayer Of Course) Reserve Junior Heifer Rodeo Austin! Along with 2 Class wins one a class of 9 the other 4 was a pretty good year with 3rd in a class of 5 in San Antonio two second places in San...
  3. TexasRedsAndShorties

    Opinions on Steer

    I really do hope he does well it’s just my opinion but I love how balanced he is great job with him and good luck!
  4. TexasRedsAndShorties

    Opinions on Steer

    Not sure what state you are in but he looks better then some of the Texas major winners to me! Very balanced
  5. TexasRedsAndShorties

    Opinions on Steer

    Pretty nice please update on how he does!
  6. TexasRedsAndShorties

    Showing a cow/calf pair?

    getting my heifers bred soon so my questions for anyone who has successfully shown pairs are A do i need to watch out for my show heifer becoming aggressive about the calf B how do you safely transport multiple pairs and C Share your experiences please!
  7. TexasRedsAndShorties

    Compton brought a Chute Full to the Cattle Congress

    just looking at those pictures closer makes me wonder what the hell they are feeding them up in Iowa wow 🤩
  8. TexasRedsAndShorties

    Compton brought a Chute Full to the Cattle Congress

    Lookin Badass pretty sure I know who I wanna use on my shortie
  9. TexasRedsAndShorties

    Fitter 52 Fresh And Feminine Or Femininity Your opinions?

    What did you think about these products did they work for you? <cowboy>
  10. TexasRedsAndShorties

    Brisket skin help! New here yeah I’m aware this site has kinda died down

    I have a red angus heifer out of MLK Bigfoot and if you look him up you will very quickly realize the issue I’m having with this heifer her brisket is not filled out but this excess skin is a problem! And makes her brisket look alot larger than it is in reality my question? What can I do neck...