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  1. jaimiediamond


    she’s a really nice heifer with a very interesting pedigree
  2. jaimiediamond

    "Twiggy" my Shorthorn x Angus F1 cross

    Just posting my 2009 F1 sired by Diamond Rising Legend 1R and out of a black Angus cow.  I absolutely adore this dark blue female.
  3. jaimiediamond

    Opinions on this Bred

    What does everyone think of this bred heifer?  She is in our keep pen and is bred to Diamond Lord Belmore 56B (a son of The Grove Kookaburra W735 and out of Butterfield Lady 13N).
  4. jaimiediamond

    QH Questing's DSTNY 0Q11

    was wondering if anyone had a picture
  5. jaimiediamond

    Exciting Times For Canadian Shorthorns

    Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of negativity but for our breeders I think nothing but positive is happening.  At a sale I attended on Friday where Black Angus, Red Angus, and Shorthorns sold the breed averages had Shorthorns on top with $6700.00.  High selling Shorthorn bull was $7250 low...
  6. jaimiediamond

    The Cow Who Started It All-for me

    My first cow was given to me by Miss Olive Aldridge in 1989 when I was 2.5 years old which would explain how OA Diamond Julie's Baroness 29Z spent her life being referred to as "Baby Julie".  This cow has shaped my program most females I own going back to her either from daughters or sons. I am...
  7. jaimiediamond

    videos from Diamond

    I have been working on getting videos and pictures to update our website, so far I have 3 out of 5 of the bulls used this past season. Diamond Applause 18A should be up in the next hour and  I will be videoing Northern Alphonso 15A tomorrow snow or no snow.  I am also working on getting all the...
  8. jaimiediamond

    Results of 2014 calf crop

    How has everyones spring calving gone?  We have had some exceptional calves from embryo transfer and natural service.  The bulls we had the most success from in our main cow herd were Diamond Zulu 3Z extraordinary type, thickness and length with no shortage of style. Most likely the most...
  9. jaimiediamond

    Couple of Simmie Bulls

    I really liked both of these bulls from MCG Simmentals pictured at 12 months
  10. jaimiediamond

    Checking Cattle Pictures 2013

    Here are some pictures of a few of the girls at Diamond 2013 Frimley Wedgewood Clare 2W is 4 and by Northern Legend 3N and out of Frimley Pretty Clare 18P (Eionmor Chief 16H) Diamond Xquisitely Maid 32X is 3 and by Diamond Temperature Rising 28T and out of Diamond Lizzie Maid 6L (Eionmor Chief...
  11. jaimiediamond

    Famous Shorthorn Cow... Head

    I feel the need to brag a little (a lot) about my ex 4H heifer Julie.  We had a very successful run in 4H last show 11 years ago...  She then made a come back for Agribition 2007 at 8 unfortunately it wasn't up to her glory days. Since her days as a show heifer she has been featured in many a...
  12. jaimiediamond


    Thought I would post some pictures of the flooding going on this affects most of Southern Alberta.  The rain fall in the last 24 hours beats the previous precipitation record from 1961!
  13. jaimiediamond

    Nothing like a successful purchase!

    In 2011 I purchased a 4 month old heifer calf from Northern Shorthorns that was out of a cow I bred and sired by a bull my dad had bred.  I was positive I was going to be getting something awesome. Below is a picture of Yara the day I bought her. This heifer calf is now a 2 year old heifer who...
  14. jaimiediamond

    Leaving YYC for Y Lazy Y

    Here is a picture and video of Prophecy 21P at 9 years old, taken this April.  He is about to make the trip south of the border to work in his third purebred program, Y Lazy Y Shorthorns.  We are looking forward to seeing Ralph's cattle next week  <beer> He is some peeved in this photo and...
  15. jaimiediamond

    Some pictures of Western Canadian bulls

    This group is from Eionmor Stock Farms I took these Feb 7 2013
  16. jaimiediamond

    Aj's Theory

    I thought this was the funniest thing I have read in a long time.  I Jaimie first daughter of Dan (Okotoks) made my steerplanet introductory post on a thread started by Okotoks about Diamond Prophecy 21P bragging about breeding him, this was August 2010.  When I joined I put myself under the...
  17. jaimiediamond

    Champion Shorthorn Plus bull NWSS

    Congratulations to AJ he just won the champion Shorthorn plus bull (red).  Also pictured is the Reserve champion (blue)
  18. jaimiediamond


    I have just located the picture of my 4H heifer who I had a very successful run with.  As a yearling she won a few 4H shows, as a 2 year old she was reserve Supreme champion at the largest interbreed  heifer show in Western Canada, and as a 3 year old she was the Canadian National Champion...
  19. jaimiediamond

    7th Annual Hill Country Classic Results

    Anyone have the results for this sale?  If you could post them please :)
  20. jaimiediamond

    Storm ruins great photo plans...

    As we pulled up to the pasture we had sunny 23 above (74F) as we found said heifers a storm front moved in dropping the temperature to 8 above (46F) in under 15 minutes. Needless to say this video is all we got from the safety of the vehicle.  Good job upthecreek and family visited yesterday ...