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    Here is a very impressive set of heifers available private treaty. Sires include Good as it Gets, Made to Order, Maternal Made, May We All and Bear Mountain. Located in Norfolk, NE broke to tie, wash, clip and started on leading. Up to date on all shots including their bangs. Message me for more...
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    WHIPLASH Semen for sale

    WHIPLASH Semen for sale Origional WHIPLASH semen for sale. FLush quality, shiipped directly to us from bull stud in Utah. More Information
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    selling in Dunlap IA Sun DEC 4th

    Here is one steer and 3 heifers that we have on Jon Shaben's club calf sale in Dunlap IA on Sunday Dec 4th. Sale starts at 4:00 pm. We can still sell them off the farm until sale day. We're located in Norfolk Nebraska. PIC #1   Who Made Who steer out of a Black Kat/Whiplash (April) PIC #2   Alli...
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    steer, bull & heifers 4-sale

    We have a really nice Who Made Who steer (second picture) out of a Black Kat/Whiplash 1st calf heifer born in April and a Alli Kat (first picture) out of our Rock On donor, he's still a bull that could  be made a steer if you wanted. He's a June and TH/PH clean by pedigree. We also have some...
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    calves for sale in NE Nebraska

    We still have a really nice set of calves for sale very reasonably priced. Let us know what your looking for and we will let you know if we have something that would work for you. Check out our web site at Located in NE Nebraska (Norfolk) Not pictured on...
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    Private Treaty, NO BIDDING. Calves sold first come after September 1st. Sires include Tiger Woods, Ali, Paddy O'Malley, One & Only, Who Made Who and our own raised herd sire ALLI KAT. We are also offering ALLI KAT for sale, only because his females are super and we would like to retain a bunch...
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    private treaty

    Calves for sale private treaty beginning Sept 1st in Norfolk, Nebraska. NO BIDDING. Check out our updated web site at Calves sired by Tiger Woods, Paddy O'Malley, Who, Ali, and our herd sire Alli Kat (Ali X Grizz/Whiplash/Heat Seeker). We are offering ALLI...
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    COWTIME 2010 Consignments

    If your still looking for heifers, here are a few really good females we have consigned to COWTIME 2010 in Wahoo, NE on Sunday Nov 28 @ 1:00.
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    NE Nebraska pasture sale

    Check out our updated web site on A new addition to our sale were are selling a flush out of one of our top donors & also selling 10 units of WHIPLASH semen. Here are a couple of pictures out of our new herd sire PALM ALLI KAT 325U raised by us. He's an...
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    Bulls for sale

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    Bulls for sale

    Just took a couple of quick pictures before it got too dark.
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    Bulls for sale

    An April 09 bull sired by Who Made Who out of a OCC Anchor/Sugar Ray first calf heifer. A 67# B.W. unassisted with GREAT maternal traits. Very sound, pretty fronted and soft made. His grand dam was one of our top donors. Also a 2yr old Friction out of a Mastercharge/Angus that we used last year...
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    Young. Clubby bull wanted

    Have a really nice Who Made Who out of a OCC Anchor/Sugar Ray 1st calf heifer that is really nice, sound, soft and could be used on heifers. He was out of a 1st calf heifer himself. We are located in NE Nebraska.
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    Friction Bull & Who Made Who Bull for sale

    We have 2 bulls for sale. One is a March 08 Friction out of a Mastercharge/Angus cow that purchase last year because a bull we raised wasn't old enough to breed cows. The other is a Who Made Who out of a OCC Anchor/Sugar Ray 1st calf heifer. He had a 67# B.W. and would work for heifers. Really...
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    Friction bull for sale

    We are asking $2000 for him and we don't have any off spring yet. He's a March 08 bull so his calves will be coming this March. We purchased him from Randy Beller because we needed a clean up bull and the one we raised was to young to breed cows at that time. He's out of one of Randy's better...
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    Friction bull for sale

    We are located in Norfolk, Nebraska
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    Friction bull for sale

    He's a friction out of a Mastercharge X Angus cow. Born March of 08 and had a 83# BW.
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    Looking for bull calf

    We have a March of 08 Friction son out of a Mastercharge/Angus cow that we purchased last Spring to clean up our cows cuz the bull we had was to young at the time. We only have 40 cows and don't need two bulls when we AI and put embryos in. He had a 83# BW and we used him on our heifers. If your...
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    need a ride

    Looking for someone to haul 3 calves from Nebraska to Southern California. Anyone know of someone or a good reliable transportation company?