Jason says: First I would like to welcome the Sure Champ team; Crystal Blin, Alan Lee and Britney Creamer.  They will be answering all your questions on preparing for the upcoming Junior Nationals.  Please fill free to post your questions in the chat box below.

I have quite a few questions that were pre-submitted earlier today.  I will be posting them under my account with the name of the person who asked the question.

A transcript will be posted tomorrow with all the questions and answers.


Sure Champ says: Hello, My name is Alan Lee. I am from southwest Arkansas and I am an Area Sales Manager for VitaFerm/Sure Champ. I am a graduate from Eastern Oklahoma State and The University of Arkansas were i judged livestock at both places. My wife and I and our two kids raise and sale show cattle at our place in Gillham, AR. feel free to contact us at any time for further assistance. Thanks
crystalcattle says: I want to thank Jason having us be apart of this live chat tonight. We know that many of you are preparing for Junior Nationals and summer shows. We hope tonight our team can answer a few of your questions. Tonight, in addition to myself, we have Britney Creamer and Alan Lee. I’ll let them introduce themselves in a minute. – Crystal

Sure Champ says: Britney Creamer is a third generation Angus breeder and has been involved in multiple areas of the livestock industry since a young age. Britney and her family own and operate Lazy JB Angus in Montrose, Colorado where they run 300 head of Registered Angus cows. They host a show heifer sale every fall and a bull sale in the spring. She served as the 2010-2011 National Junior Angus Board of Directors Chairman, and continued her passion for livestock when she attended Oklahoma State University (OSU). At OSU she completed her bachelors degree in Agricultural Economics International Marketing with a minor in Spanish, as well as a master’s degree in International Agriculture.

Jason says: The first question I have was pre-submitted today is from Brad –  how can a person use sure champ in a creep feed, for young calves

Sure Champ says: Brad the number on the creep feed manual is VFCREEP1305 so that anyone you talk to at our office can get you what you are looking for. Thanks ,Alan
Sure Champ says: Brad, we have actually have a Creep feed manual at VitaFerm that we would be glad to send you if you would contact us or send us your address. You can reach us at SureChamp.com
crystalcattle says: Thanks Brad. We have been using Sure Champ in all our creep feed for the past couple of years. We find the calves eat a lot more consistent especially when it gets hot. Since we are a smaller operation we like to top-dress it onto the creep feed, but we have other customers that will mix it right in. Alan is also going to weigh in. 

showgirl2011 says: We have not been using a feed additive and will be attending the charolais junior nationals.  It is to late to start something?  Would it help make a difference?  They have been eating good.


Sure Champ says: Showgirl2011 it is not too late to start using a feed additive. An additive such as Sure Champ is a great way to ensure that your animal’s consumption stays consistent and that they do not go off of feed. In addition if your additive choice is Sure Champ it will also help with their hide and overall hair bloom. I suggest you also take a look a Vita Charge, that will insure your animal stays on feed while at the show and under the stress of being away from home. You can search Vita Charge Cattle Protocol to find more information about using this product. Britney-
crystalcattle says: Showgirl2011 Britney is going answer your question in a second. Jason do you have another one?


Jason says: The next pre-submitted question is from Ben – What is the best supplement for hair growth?


Sure Champ says: Ben, there are a lot of products on the market now that claim to help with hair growth. From my experience the two that seem to work best are Hide and Hair and/or Nugrow. Britney-


crystalcattle says: Ben, Alan is having some problems with his text box, but he wants to say “Along with Sure Champ we have been using Hide and Hair and Grow and Shine. Sure Champ isn’t a hair supplement but it does help lower body temperature. Also, the high level of vitamin and mineral fortification helps with hair and their hide.” – Alan


bim1986 says: Thanks for taking the time to chat.  I don’t have a question, but just a comment that we switched from show bloom years ago to sure champ and had tremendous results.  Coat is shinier, weight gain is great.


Sure Champ says: Bim1986, we are happy to hear that our products have worked for you. We are committed to our customers and their livestock!


Jason says: The next pre-submitted question is from stkshowmom –  Why has Showmaxx been taken off the market once again?


crystalcattle says: stkshowmom – thanks for the question. We don’t have a full answer for you on the Showmaxx product. Pretty sure it has to do with Zilmax. It isn’t one our team works with much.


showgirl2011 says: Thanks.  How much surechamp do we mix in?  I believe it is carried locally.


Sure Champ says: Showgirl2011 the suggested feeding rate for Sure Champ is 1 lb per head per day. There is a scoop included in every bag that measures out that amount so you don’t have to weigh it. To find product near you you can visit biozyeminc.com and click dealer locator or you can email champ@biozymeinc.com and we can help you locate product near you. Britney-


showgirl2011 says: Thank you!



Ky rancher says: We are new to the showing. But I have our steers on corn and cotton seed hulls full feed. Is this wrong or do we need to keep on the way we are going.


crystalcattle says: Ky Rancher: We’ll have an answer for you in just a minute!
Sure Champ says: Ky Rancher, Thanks for your question, we usually have a base ration made up of corn, cottonseed hulls, oats, soybean meal and alfalfa pellets. we also usually keep most of our cattle on free choice hay. Their is sure probably nothing wrong with your ration and i know that SureChamp will help aid in the digestion of the corn. We have 2 nutritionist on staff that are available and we would be glad to get them to assist you if you would like Thanks Alan- 

Ky rancher says: Thanks for your time.


alexander says: what are some of the top showmanship tips that you would give


crystalcattle says: At the Maine/Chi/Shorthorn Junior Nationals, National Junior Angus Show and Junior National Hereford Expo we’ll be putting on a general nutrition clinic. If you will be exhibiting we hope you’ll stop by and say hello. We’ll have lots of giveaways, plus our famous Sure Champ T-shirts.
Sure Champ says: Alexander, the top 5 showmanship tips I would give are 1. Be confident in yourself and know that you are your biggest competition 2. Showmanship is like a dance, you must move with your animal and the two of you must become one smooth moving team 3. Always walk your animal into place eliminating the need to poke at the feet after you have stopped 4. Study the ring before you walk into the competition, look for high and low spots and how you will avoid getting stuck in a corner 5. Practice makes perfect. These are just a few would you like me to expand more? Britney- 

Jason says: I have another pre-submitted question from Jamie – We are making our way to Hereford Junior Nationals, any tips on keeping cattle stress free for the long trailer ride?


crystalcattle says: That Vita Charge will continue to stimulate the digestive system and keep it healthy especially during stress. In our Vita Charge Protocol the Level II is one that was formulated by John Tucker whose family has had a lot of success at the Junior National Hereford Expo. He recommends – Level II
On a weekly basis give 15 ml of Vita Charge paste twice a week, and 30 ml of Vita Charge drench once a week. The week prior to the show give 15 ml of the paste daily, and 30ml of the drench every third day. Continue to administer Vita Charge paste daily while at the show.
crystalcattle says: Jamie – We would definitely recommend using Vita Charge prior to departure and while traveling. Here is a link to our Vita Charge Protocol – http://blog.surechamp.com/?p=1238


Sure Champ says: Jamie, in addition to the use of products such as Vita Charge to keep your cattle on feed during the long haul to Harrisburg, it is also important to make sure that your trailer is needed well. Pelleted shavings work great and are actually therapeutic. Britney-

redoak says: In this day in age do you need a cooler to compete at the highest level?   Sorry 2 questions.
redoak says: Best tips on working leg hair?  We use a roto brush after we rinse when the calf is still damp.  We don’t have a cooler so we have to do our best to make the hair standout.


crystalcattle says: Redoak, where are you from?

Sure Champ says: Redoak, the roto brush actually works better if you use it once the animal is dry and you have put sheen in the hair. You can also use a scrub brush or a human hair brush (from Wal-Mart or a similar store) to work the hair once it has been dryed. These three brushes will help stimulate the hair. If you are leaving your animal wet, use a rice root brush to work the hair.
Sure Champ says: redoak, Not sure what part of the country you live in so i am going to generalize my answer. I am going to say the answer is No, there are many families around the country that are winning on a national level that do not have coolers, now it does make it a touch easier in my mind but good selection, nutrition and hard work will get you along ways, thanks Alan~ 

redoak says: just west of stillwater in oklahoma


Sure Champ says: redoak, ya’ll don’t usually have the humidity that we do so I know that a lot of people out your way and further west have really good luck using an evaporative cooling fan if they don’t have access to a cooler. That is a much more affordable way to cool your cattle.Alan


redoak says: Alan, thanks I will check into that.


Sure Champ says: redoak, You might look up Megabreeze fans. Alan


Sure Champ says: redoak, where all are yall showing this summer?Alan


redoak says: Our county fair and state fair in sept.


pak2175 says: What are the differences in Sure Champ vs Vita Charge ?

Sure Champ says: pak2175, Sure Champ is a highly palatable supplement fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and organic trace minerals. Sure Champ is balanced to drive optimized growth and performance initially allowing you to get more out of your current show feed. Vita Charge is your insurance plan, it helps animals stay on feed during stressful situations and stimulates appetite. Britney-

pak2175 says: Gotcha. Can they both be fed at the same time or do you come off the Sure Champ when you start the Vita Charge ? We feed sure champ and it’s works great for us but we do have one heifer that can be a little picky. I thought maybe the Vita Charge could help her.

Sure Champ says: Pak2175, you can use Sure Champ and Vita Charge simultaneously. If you have one that is a little picky I suggest you check out our Cattle Protocol which you can find by searching Vita Charge Cattle Protocol, although this is suggested for right before a show when I have one like you have mentioned I go ahead and do the protocol right away in order to get her back on feed. Another thing to look into is our Vita Charge Stress Tub they are very convenient and she gets a daily dose of Vita Charge even if you don’t bring her in a give her the paste or drench. Britney-

pak2175 says: Great !!! Thanks

alexander says: after a long haul to the show .what are the best ways to get the animals filled back up for show day

Sure Champ says: Alexander, i think the key to getting your animals filled back up is to allow yourself enough time to do it slowly, most of the time once you have got them re hydrated it will only take a day or so to start to get them back. We also recommend that you have them on adequate electrolytes. Alan

Jason says: This question is from Elizabeth and was posted in the comments on the frontpage of Steer Planet – Should you feed Sure Champ and Vita Ferm minerals at the same time or can you eliminate the VitaFerm?

crystalcattle says: Elizabeth, it depends on it you have heifer or steers. If you have heifer and during breeding season we recommend still feeding the VitaFerm Concept-Aid mineral. During the rest of the year you can probably get away with just Sure Champ.

crystalcattle says: For those of you that are using the Vita Charge Stress Tub that is not enough mineral. If you are using the Stress Tub you will definitely want to also be using Sure Champ or one of our VitaFerm minerals to ensure your animal is receiving their recommended daily requirement.

Jason says: Another pre-submitted question from RCR – We have a little one that will be showing cattle for the first time.  She has been apprehensive even though we have got her a super gentle heifer.  Do you have any tips or encouragement.

Sure Champ says: RCR as with at any age practicing at home is key. If there is a younger individual than yourself that he or she looks up to see if they can encourage your child or help as sometimes little ones respond better to other kids or young adults that aren’t their family. Britney-
Sure Champ says: RCR, I have a four and half year old son so I know exactly what you are going thru, we have spent a tremendous amount of time in a 10×10 pen with him and his calf, we sarted out by spending a tremendous amount of time with the calf tied up and just brushing, combing, petting, etc. We have been very cautios to only let him show at the jackpots that have small showrings. It takes a lot of time as you know. Where are yall located, Alan


alexander says: what do you recommend for electrolytes and how much at a time and for how long

Sure Champ says: Alexander, there are a lot of good products out there in terms of electrolytes, we use Firewater quite a bit but there are many good ones,Alan

Jason says: Last pre-submitted question – MelanieC – What is the best paint to use on herefords or what blends the best?

crystalcattle says: Melanie – we use Weavers. We definitely recommend testing them out a home. Hereford hair can vary so much. What will work on one might not work on the other. You will also have to likely blend more than one color to create a closer match. Also, remember red cattle’s hair can change through the summer. Just because it worked at one show doesn’t mean it will always work again.

Jason says: I would to thank the Sure Champ Team again, Crystal Blin, Alan Lee and Britney Creamer for taking the time tonight to answer all our questions.

Be sure to check out their website and blog; surechamp.com, blog.surechamp.com.

We will have to do this again, tons of great information.

Thank you

crystalcattle says: Thanks to everyone that tuned into tonight. If there are more questions post them in the Forum below, there are lots of people on here with good advice. You can also email your questions to champ@biozymeinc.com or check out our blog at www.surechamp.com.

Sure Champ says: Thanks Jason. Alan