cattle and young legs

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May 29, 2008
In spite of the virus and now the mega destructive storm that hit most of us Iowans so hard, it's nice when something good happens.  Last week my twin grandsons called me at work and told me there was a cow in the pasture down at the corner, about 1/4 mile from the house, that had just had a set of twins.  When I got home, we took the 4-wheeler out and checked on them.  They were doing fine, both had nursed and were actually running around a little bit.  Since they appeared to be doing fine, we decided to leave them alone and just check on them regularly.  Sometimes when we checked on them, we would see one calf and the other would be lying in the grass or something.  The boys checked them one day and one of the calves hadn't appeared to move much over the day.  They called later and said the cow and the other calf had come up to the lot by the barn.  They had shut her in that pen and told me they were going to try to find the other calf.  They called back and said the other calf was lying in some tall grass and seemed to be a little weak and thin.  I told them to take the 4-wheeler down, hold the calf in the back end, and bring it up to the house.  My daughter called 15 minutes later and said the calf was a lot stronger and peppier than they had thought.  It had taken off running towards the house.  I asked them to open a particular gate so that if it made it that far, it would have to go into a pen adjoining where the cow was.  I then thought of them maybe trying to chase the calf, so I left a message on my daughter's cell phone to tell the boys not to try to chase the calf, it might come up on its own or we would deal with it when I got home.  About a half hour later, she called back and said, "Too late!"  The calf had gotten spooked, squirmed through 3 barbed wire fences and was at the extreme west end of the pasture, 3/4 mile from home.  Just before it went through that fence, one of the boys jumped on it and held it down while his twin ran the 3/4 mile to the house.  He then drove the Toyota to the end of the field, put the calf in it, and brought it to the house.  When I got home we reintroduced the calf to its mother and all is well.  It's been a lot of fun the past 5 or 6 months having the grand kids home and enjoying watching them enjoy the cattle.  Also didn't hurt they're both cross country runners.  Comes in handy sometimes.