clipping for summer

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Apr 26, 2023
I have a very hairy jet black steer in florida and he is getting extremely stressed from the heat and i am trying to think of ways to keep him cool.He lives in a dirt pet with a large shade cloth and i am purchasing a sprinkler and that’s about all i can do, not allowed to have fans or be inside a air conditioned barn.I have heard about a summer clip and i think that would help, what do i keep and what do i clip?do i go to the skin? use a guard? ( he doesn’t have a show until july 29th) help!!


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Jul 24, 2007
If you clipped him now he would be pressed to grow the hair back by your show, hair has about a 90 cycle, you might try just clipping him like you would for the show now. I do know it you do clip him out you leave the leg hair, tail head and belly hair. Misters will help as long as it is a fine mist and does not soak him.
Best thing to do is shed him out, stop rinsing for about a week and just work on getting the dead hair out of him with a shed comb. Then just do your best to keep him out of the sun and rinse at least once a day and make sure to blow him completely dry. A wet cattle retain heat longer than dry cattle.