Polled Hereford Steer For Sale

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Jun 15, 2007
This is a steer I've thought about selling. I'm located in Western Illinois and if anyone in this area is interested we could work out a deal. He was born May 1st and has just been on mom and grass. I've had him on the halter about three times and he is coming along good. My eight year cousin has led him around, and I think with a little more work he'd be a great project for a first time 4-H'er. He's a lot younger than most calves this time of year, and he's very green just now starting to bloom a little bit. The pictures aren't the best, but they should give a good idea of what he looks like. The last one is his dam. Feel free to PM me or ask if you have any other questions, Thanks Christian. email: [email protected]


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