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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
what are the issues?

not enough return on time investment?

i would say in the beginning there was a void of a vehicle for communication on the web, so steerplanet filled that role, maybe web design, auctions.

the other site at the time morphed into .....

i would say that for whatever reason the design hasn't kept up with the industry.

for example, blog/podcast partners have not been integrated

i think some of the other sites that are successful, don't see the chat feature as something to focus on.

it's too bad.  two other sites and advantage.cattle had a huge amount of historical information that is no longer available.

name the bull was always fun.



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Jul 26, 2013
Knox County Nebraska
My thought is that Steerplanet is useful and enjoyable because it has not kept up with the industry. One can scan the posts on subject matter instead of visual distraction. The site is a refuge from What social media as has become. Without this crossroads of aging Breeders, reminisces and primary experience of Shorthorn history, the current and next generation of Breeders will be without context. The site may be full of glitches etc, but that’s just part of the deal.  I think the admin would be awed to know how loyal the users are. Perhaps we should express more appreciation. Thank you admin.