Jason says: Ok, about ready to roll. Kirk are you out there?

Kirk Stierwalt says: Hey Jason I’m here; Kirk

Jason says: Alright Kirk is online. First of all I would like to thank Kirk for taking the time to answer all your questions. I encourage you to check out his website at www.kirkstierwalt.com, it has just been redesigned and will give you information on attending a clinic.

grandchamp says: Kirk, thanks for coming on here tonight. If I was preparing for a county fair in August, when would I starting using your SHAG supplement?

Kirk Stierwalt says: we usually start 90 days out

chambero says: What is your opinion on the various feed supplements out there intended to assist with hair. Do you use anything in addition to Shag (i.e. melatonin implants, etc)

Kirk Stierwalt says: @chambero we don’t use the implants we only use SHAG and power fuel from honor show chow. I think you have to be careful on not adding to many supplements.

Show Heifer says: . Are there any concerns with any of your supplements concerning heifers? What would you recommend for heifers?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Show Heifer SHAG and Power fuel is safe for breeding animals thats the neat thing about those products.

RSC says: What methods do you use at showtime to get the perfect fill on a calf? Pump, Additives and feed ingredients? How soon do you start with these before the show?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @RSC we spend a lot of time with the fill, we take different types of hay and we have used all the fill products. I think its eaiser to get the fill on them on show day if you have a lof of body shape before the show. That is something that is important and a good question. We don’t like to fill them up to much but make sure they stay aggressive at the show, all they want on show day. I do think its important that the cattle are use to drinking out of a bucket or tub and out of feed pan, we usually start that two weeks out.

SteerQueen27 says: Ok so i was also wonderin for growing hair what do you guys do for daily work like how many times do you wash them,blow them out, brush them inlcuding a cooler to put them in after?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @steerQueen27 for daily care if the show is in the summer or early fall I think it takes 100 days to get a calf ready for the show, we rinse twice a day we like to slow down and run a lot of water on them which in turn creates hydro therapy and helps in cooling them down. For those shows we do use a cooler, fortunately we have more hair genetics than we have ever had, I think a cooler helps but its not a cure all for brushing, rinsing, and blowing the improtant thing is to make sure you get consistent with your work. Also we blow them dry in the morning and we blow the heavy water out of them at night. We use mane and tail cond. at night we also use a lot of sheen. Make sure you comb out the tails twice a day!

shortdawg says: do you think darkness or temperature is more important to stimulate hair growth

Kirk Stierwalt says: @shortdawg I think the combo is good, and I think one is as important as the other, we also put lights on our horses to keep them slick during the winter months, so light has been proven influential depending on what you are trying to do. We don’t put our cattle in the cooler before sunrise. They see a couple hours of daylight. I more concerned about keeping them a schedule and not having them in the cooler so long per day

s-shattuck says: Have you ever used the product glue-Coat and if so what is your oppinoon of the product

Kirk Stierwalt says: S-shattuck- Yes I have used glu-coat, and we have had good luck with it, on adding fat and I think the molasses might help on some of those cattle that are picky eaters.

SteerQueen27 says: thanks and thats the same things we do to my show calves! awesome, glad im doin something right! haha thanks and we use a roto brush deal too for the legs and tail head! do you use them?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @steerQueen we use roto brush also and if you are encountering a blow and show – show it is important that you get that leg hair up , because that is all that you can do. I like the synthetic one and we cut every other row half way down to let it get in the hair better. I think the rice root ones are a little more harsh

knabe says: what are some optical illusions trimming wise that beginners can get good at easiest?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @knabe I think to get some one that has some experience and also clipping little and young calves is a good starting place.

LFFASHOWER says: Without a cooler and only fans during hot days should you dry them in the morning or leave them wet

Kirk Stierwalt says: @LFFAShower you are gonna have to blow them some, semi dry in order to get some training and lift to the hair.

GC says: I think all of you should buy his videos. there is a heck of alot of good info in them. I hust know I learned alot!

Kirk Stierwalt says: Thanks GC we spend a lot time on clipping at the clinics. You have to know how a steer or heifer is put together before you start clipping. Strengths and weaknesses

SteerQueen27 says: ok thats what we do too! thanks! and another question is ive always wondered which show do you think is the biggest/toughest for market steers in the country like naile, nwss, houston, ect?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @SteerQueen27 – I think they are all tough the shows that I think are the toughest and these are all hair shows I think the American Royal, Louisville, Denver, Ft. Worth, and OYE are some of the toughest shows to me. Houston’s numbers are overwellming and whoever wins that has truly accomplished something. PS I quit going after they started slick shearing.

Show Heifer says: Hoof Care? Do you see any trouble in hooves after a young calf has been pushed to be in “show shape?”

Kirk Stierwalt says: @ Show Heifer we don’t trim feet as often as we use to, because the natural hoof size has gotten smaller in some breeds. I really don’t see anything after pushing them in their hoof condition, I think of the envioroment can affect it, (wet bedding, mud, dry weather) we do about 100 head of hoof trimming here a month, and I think that certain conditions are on an individual basis.

GC says: Kirk that was what my dad told me, he said I had to learn to judge and go to the county judging schools every week before he would let me touch the clippers.

Kirk Stierwalt says: @GC I watched a lot people and even held the light for some other people clipping and thats the way everyone starts out.

knabe says: do you have a rags to riches(obtaining skill you thought they never would) exhibitor story that changed your mind about the human spirit?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @knabe the neat thing about what I do, is I wil see a person that has a god given talent and they don’t know they have it. with todays technology and techniques you can obtain the look you want, I think we have narrowed the gap between novice and experienced with the products, feeds, clippers and blades, and genetics.

mykidsluvshorthorns says: Kirk we went to your clinic about 4 yrs ago and learned a lot bought the clipping dvd but we have alot of trouble with clipping the legs will the fitting and grooming dvd help us with this.

Kirk Stierwalt says: @mykidsluvshorthorns – yes, it will help, and you can always go back to it.

COLEBABIE says: well for a newbie i would like to ask, should stand up on the hoof or back, our breeder trims so they kind of sit back on the hooves and others tell me he needs to be up , it is very confusing to someone who has no idea

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Colebabie without looking at your calf, we like them to be sitting back on their heal, in todays time structure is an issue, we are taking heel off about all the cattle front and back this creates a softer pastern and a longer stride.

wsc says: Kirk Stierwalt….. All I can say is you are a LEGEND…..

Kirk Stierwalt says: @wsc thanks

stangs13 says: Kirk, I want to say thanks for coming out at doing the clinics in houston, Kent Savage has really got them going well. What do you suggest for starting off freshly weaned heifers on as far as feed goes? we have been using HSC products, as we run a dealership down here, and we have heard that Dave allan starts his heifer calves on full control whats your opinions on this?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @stangs13 yea it was colder there than it was in Denver……..I had to go back to Denver to warm back up! HAHA ………We start the heifers on fitters edge and if they are growthy and look like they will be harder to put bloom on we add power fuel. On the steers we use fitters edge and power fuel from the get go. Full Control is one of HSC best kept secrets for holding or maintaining a steer or heifer and not getting them stale appearing.

Show Heifer says: It might be tought to explain, but I always have trouble clipping around the tail head area. Any suggestions?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Show Heifer It is hard to say without looking I would suggest to take a pic of the calf your talking about and I will try to help you by phone or email.

shufly says: I have a heifer that is on the very easy keeping side of things. I really want to make sure she breeds this spring so don’t want her too fat. Can you give me some good options on feed for her?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @shufly I would feed her full control. Because you can still feed her and she will stay full and satisfied.

LFFASHOWER says: I am feeding fitters edge to a heifer she is about 10 months old and plan on breeding her within the next 2 months and we want to take her to Louisville can i keep her on fitters edge

Kirk Stierwalt says: @LFFAShower with out looking I would say yes and if she gets to looking like she is becoming to fleshy then move her to full control.

clubcalve says: I would like to thank Mr. Stierwalt for taking his time to help us and answer our questions. My first question is how long do you let you steers be in front of grain. Is it 10 hours, all day or what? Thanks again.

Kirk Stierwalt says: @clubcalve we usually feed twice a day, the important thing is to be consistent with your feeding schedule within and hour. We like those cattle to clean up within and hour. We can get hot in Oklahoma during the summer and if we encounter a slow eater we will give them morning ration and night ration all at night, that way they are eating in the cool part of the day and they have 12 hours to consume the feed. This has been very helpful in getting those kind of cattle to gain and put on weight those can make me pull my hair out.

LFFASHOWER says: Dave Guyer judged her in december and said she was green so we put her on that feed should that help or is there anything else you can do.

LFFASHOWER says: High Flanked is there any thing that can change this other than genetics

Kirk Stierwalt says: LFFAShower if you could email me a pic of the calf then I could help you out a lot more. My email is on my website. Kirk Stierwalt says: @LFFAShower if she will not respond to fitters edge and power fuel then you might consider finishing touch. All these cattle are different and they have to be fed on a individual basis and I think that is the secret to success feeding. There not all the same! The good thing is we have a lot of different options to fit every calfs needs.

Kirk Stierwalt says: LFFAShower if you could email me a pic of the calf then I could help you out a lot more. My email is on my website.

wrc says: What would you say is the key to the success you have had. Is it that you work at it harder than most, ability to pick the best cattle at a young age, your fitting and feeding, or hard work and luck. I know it’s a combo of all but i’m looking for the one thing that sets you apart from others that you continually beat over and over.

Kirk Stierwalt says: @wrc thanks for the compliment……..I think no doubt hard work and you can never count out good ole fashion luck…..but we are very consistent from the start there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank the good lord for the success that myself and my family has had.

olsencattleco says: I have a question about clipping babies. What is the easiest way to clip necks out on babies? As far as best blades to use or maybe even a guard so that its all the same length and dont have to worry about knicking them. And if guards are possible, what length?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @olsencattleco On babies I think you can leave the hair a little longer on them because their not very fleshy yet I block them out with a super blocking and I back drag down the front and into the brisket with a medium blending. As far as quards the HT 5/8’s works good if there’s not a lot of thick undercoat its a great blade if they have that long stringy hair that is stuck to their skin. Some people torch them but I just clip them! If you get their necks to short on the babies it can make their shoulder appear more prominent.

olsencattleco says: thank you very much Mr. Stierwalt

COLEBABIE says: for a slick shear show what type of blades should i clip with we have lister stablemate clippers and how far in advance should we clip

Kirk Stierwalt says: @colebabie you have the right blades. I would suggest doing them three weeks out and start putting a lof of oil in them to condition the hide and then redo them. I would suggest washing with EZall total body wash or a light shampoo, not to strip the natural oils from the hair and hide, and then re clip them again before you go to the show.

shufly says: I just bought my very first show heifer. She is a Dirty Hairy heifer. Can you suggest some good bulls to breed her to this spring. Thanks.

Kirk Stierwalt says: @shufly definitely one that is easy calving, were using angus sires.

shortdawg says: Favorite Clubby Bull ever ?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @shortdawg This one is a easy one for me……Heatwave, because of what he has done for me and my family.

kobo_ranch says: What are a couple of the most important tips you can give on showmanship.

Kirk Stierwalt says: kobo_ranch first thing is the cattle need to be set up at home prior to the show, we work at walking our cattle into it, you have to learn at what speed the calf is best in motion, some are faster and some are slower, a video camera is good at the shows in teaching young showers proper techniques and ring situations. The other thing is having good eye contact with the judge is important. You need to look like you are enjoying what you are doing, be dressed properly because it is a show and you are not only representing yourself, but your school, town, family, 4-H or FFA Chapter and the whole industry in general.

GC says: What temperature do you keep your cool room during the summer to keep enough hair on but then not to put too much stress on them when they are at the show?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @GC we like to keep the temp at 48 degrees.

BCCC says: Not sure if this has been asked, but what do you use as far as sprays go, for every day use

Kirk Stierwalt says: @BCCC we use a lot of sheen and sometimes we will add infusiom 23 or healthy hair care hair moisturizer to it.I am conscious about keeping the hair light, because if it gets to heavy with product it will fall. We use heavier oils in the winter and lighter oils in the summer months.

COLEBABIE says: is there a certain blade for the stablemates that is best for slick shear. we have surgical and super surgical for the lambs but i assume this is a bit too short?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @colebabie you need to use the fines the ones that you have are too short for cattle.

COLEBABIE says: thanks figured those blades were too short ,

Kirk Stierwalt says: that was to say don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me! Sorry

GC says: You text? Dude thats awesome!

joemo says: If I wanted to have your fitting clinic in my hometown, how many participants is needed for you to come?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @joemo I conscious about not letting it get to big do to one on one instruction, I like between 20 and 25. The clinics are geared for anyone that wants to come young and older

shortdawg says: Have you used Northern Improvement ? If so, what do you think he does best ?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @shortdawg yes we have used him …..small birth weight and easy calving, we like grizz to, or juneau.

BCCC says: Any tips for trimming hooves?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @BCCC are wanting to start trimming your own feet? Not sure what you are asking?

BCCC says: More so what do you use for trimming, and do you put anything on ther hooves afterwords…Already have trimming table abd all the fun stuff

Kirk Stierwalt says: @BCCC I use GE nippers a little $$$ but they are the best…. I use tungsten carbide grinding disc….I use a concrete trowel for checking flatness, and I put WD40 on the hooves when finished we buy it by the gallon. Your grinder needs to be a lower RPM I think ours is 4000 makita to reduce heat buildup, I use a bigger one than the ones that are sold at sullivans.

stangs13 says: I agree!! Check in and feel free to help us out!! Thank you so much for taking time from your busy calender to chat with us!!

shortdawg says: Thanks so much for being here tonight ! I’ve really enjoyed your tips, info, and the techniques you have shared with us. Please feel free to chime in on here anytime.

Kirk Stierwalt says: Thanks everybody for getting on here tonight I would like to do this again in the future. I would like to thank SteerPlant.com and Jason Koch, good luck at all your shows and have a good year. Once again, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us, also, check out our new website at www.kirkstierwalt.com.

Jason says: I will work on a transcript of the chat tonight for anyone that missed

Jason says: Thank you again, we will definitely want to get you back on here in the future.