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Let’s be honest, there are lot of sites offering to list your site for a yearly or monthly fee, but what are you paying for? Compare our stats with other related cattle sites and I guarantee you will find the most affordable and productive avenue for your advertising dollar.

The single most important stat is visitors and more so unique visitors.  A visit is made whenever a person enters your site; however the person is only counted as they enter the site.  Think of it as entering an amusement park and going through the turn styles.  As you go through you are counted just once, no matter how long you stay or how many rides you go on.

For a 1 month period (1/14/13 to 2/13/13), had a total of 203,355 visits.

We will carry on with the example above as we look at unique visitors.  A visitor could enter the amusement park in the morning, leave for lunch, and return for the afternoon.  In that case, the visitor would register 2 visits, even though it was the same person.  However, our stat for unique visitors would only register 1 visit no matter how many times they entered and exited the park during that day or month.

As you can see, unique visitors is a very important stat and can be viewed as your potential customers.

For a 1 month period (1/14/13 to 2/13/13), had a total of 64,292 absolute unique visitors.

The last term is page views.  A page view is every time a page loads on any visitor’s page.  As you can probably imagine this is going to a pretty large number, but it is important number for banner advertisers.  Every time a page is loaded, your banner is being displayed and leaving an impression for a potential customer.

For a 1 month period (1/14/13 to 2/13/13), had 1,998,861 page views.

Bottom line, we provide an affordable medium and large audience to advertise your site, sale, or any cattle related information. We are constantly growing and with can provide optimum return for your advertising dollar.

Stats are Provided from Google Analytics from the dates of January 14th, 2013 to February 13th, 2013.

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