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The Big Show / Shorthorn in hot weather....
« on: September 09, 2017, 02:39:56 PM »
Hi fellows.
Where is the hottest weather/place were Shorthorns are bred?
Here in southern Brazil we got summers with around 25C to 30C, some days reaching to 34C in summer.
The hottest time is from 15 december until early march. Hottest days will to be on mid january to early february.
Humidity around 75% to 85%.
So, how many days with hot, which TC, humidity % and what bloodlines are raised on this places.

The Big Show / Re: Shorthorn historians... help pic updated###
« on: September 06, 2017, 03:08:09 PM »

The Big Show / Re: Older Shorthorin bulls
« on: September 06, 2017, 03:03:03 PM »
Hilltop Lancer (Salers influence) ...........REALLY?

Interesting....if it can "really" determinate the breeds composition. will to be a great tool to clear suspicious cattle.
Do you know how deep is the ability to find the breed introgression? Or if it is expressed on %? How many breeds they are on the archives to compare and detect?

The Big Show / Re: Old Angus semen
« on: August 27, 2017, 09:52:33 AM »
Ballot of Belladrum, sire of the Black Ballot F65 bull above.

I'd love to join someone in a flush with this Black Ballot F65 bull.

A perfect Aberdeen Angus.....great pic.

I know Sarah Pedelty. She raises LR in USA.
Both breeds are not mixing again.

LR's in UK today show two lines.
An "improved" line, siganed as a X in front of register number. This one was improved with Limousin, Charolais, Romagnola to put more size, meat and continental shape on carcass.
The other one, is called "original" population. It is without other breed as LR. But, this originals were polled with Aberdeen Angus on 60's.
Yes, some LR in NA, in special in Canada....not many.

From what I gather on the LR and other cattle breed historical websites, the LRs were formed by crossing Durhams (Shorthorns) on the native cattle.  I see no reference as to how many crosses of Durhams were used, whether the "accepted" LR cattle were 99% or 1% Durham.  I also found that the LRs had strains used for milking and beef, just like the old Shorthorns.  They were originally called Lincoln Red Shorthorns, but the Shorthorn was dropped after some time and they are now known simply as Lincoln Reds.  If I used Claydene Ever Ready today on a cow considered to be purebred Shorthorn, would the calf be considered purebred Shorthorn?  Does the Lincoln Red Association accept Shorthorn breeding into their herdbook?

Exact...as none mention to how much Shorthorn is on the LR - 1 or 99% - same was on the Maines. So...

I have a few canes of Lincoln Red semen in one of my tanks yet- from back in the 70s. I was not impressed with the udders on most of the Lincoln Red females from that era, and I thought most of the Lincoln Red cows I saw in the UK 5 years ago were much the same- especially the females with any age. Their teats were thick and coarse made and udders tended to lose suspension at a fairly young age. Does anyone know what the udders of the Argentine Shorthorns are like, with the Lincoln influence?

LR problems here with old genetics.....udders attachment, teats size (too big in same cases), hardy to shed.
Positive points on 70's that let to use the LR....poll character, outcross with a heterosis bit and red color (for ARG in special).
LR make a good job here, but I think that with some good research on SHO availab at that time, we could get same without use a strange breed.....but British breeders were very strong on their markeeting on that time - good for they!

What percentage "Shorthorn" are Lincoln Reds?  I know the Maines (full bloods) originally came in as 3/4 Shorthorn, but most information I read at the time claimed a higher actual percentage.  What does the Lincoln Red Association say about their heritage?

Well, I think that we have a problem here.
The questions is....how much is the percentage accepted by associations and how much is the real percentage on breed formation?
LR and MA have not a SHO % definition on breed formation as have Santa Gertrudis or Bonsmaras.
So, the Association put the % definition as it believe to be. So for MA this is 50% and LR 100% is USA. In Brazil both, MA and LR, were assumed 100% and used for maybe 10 years, after this was banned, but progeny kept on herd book. For ARG and URU same case, but they never used MA, only LR. Many LR bulls were imported at live to Brazil, ARG and URU, and after some semen was imported to Brazil. I own semen of 9 bulls from this time.
To me, on my personal view, both LR and MA are not SHO, they are a singular and proper breed with SHO ancestors as Bonsmaras, Belgian Blue, Normande and more 50 breeds aound the world.
Assuming that LR and MA are SHO....well I need to also assume that all other are also!

 Many of the Shorthorns in Argentina have some Lincoln Red in their background as well.

ALL Shorthorns in South AMerica show LR on background....ALL!

Canada has a very good Shorthorn, one of my preferred in world....but...sorry...Argentinian Shorthorn are the best in world....UNTIL  NOW!
We were seriously interested in South American genetics and enquired to our import agent about getting them over. Apparently there is a diplomatic spat between South Africa and Argentina/Brazil due to the export of Bonsmara genetics from South Africa and the channels are definitely closed!!!
Cattle look to be the correct type for us though, we have settled for some equally good North American genetics in the mean time.

Diplomatic and economic bans making a good job for cattle business (ironic!)
Argentina have some great cattle, ease to get it on farm and also some in show.
Uruguay also with some good specimens.
Brazil, not sure if will get the same quality as both previous neighbours!

Not really sure if Tribune did a good job in Argentina.
We see it in many pedigrees, but think that only for lacking options at that time and, due him was imported to ARG, so he must to be used!
SHO on ARG at that years were small and newtype was the order in cattle word, so...Tribune was an option.
To me, today, the best argentinian SHO cattle are not related to Tribune.

Canada has a very good Shorthorn, one of my preferred in world....but...sorry...Argentinian Shorthorn are the best in world....UNTIL  NOW!

Another fine lady....no USA blood until her fourth generation...were we find Tribune and Clarck

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