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The Big Show / Re: Heritage/Native Shorthorn Bull Listing
« on: January 31, 2020, 07:23:30 PM »
I want to thank XBAR for asking the most pertinent question on this thread Do any of these genetics still exist?  Yes.  I know of several members of the Heritage Shorthorn Society who have these genetics, some of whom have posted on this thread.  The one I want to highlight is Wally Klose (Diamond K Shorthorns-Twin Bridges, Montana) who raises Heritage Influenced Shorthorns and owns a bull, Harvey Fulton 32A (ASA #4206631), who is the spitting image of Weston Romeo except he is bigger, thicker and still alive.  I have seen Harvey at different times of the year and he stays in amazing condition no matter what he has available to eat.  If you look closely at the Harvey pictures I have included you will see he is grazing on some of Wallys finest pasture.   No Iowa corn for Harvey.  I am sure many of you know Wally and realize he runs a no frills operation.  They either make it or they are on a one way trip to town.  Harvey is sired by Kenmar President 26A and includes Kenmar Ransom 32Z, Pleasant dawn Seal 2nd, and HHFS Dream Weaver on his maternal side.  Wallys market has always been the commercial cattlemen and he has made a living selling Shorthorns to that market for approximately 60 years.  Too bad there are not many Shorthorn breeders left that have his MO (modus operandi for Dragnet fans).

The Big Show / Re: Heritage/Native Shorthorn Bull Listing
« on: January 29, 2020, 04:29:22 PM »
Shorthorn Country October 1981  Page C-4  Western Resource

The Big Show / Re: Heritage/Native Shorthorn Bull Listing
« on: January 17, 2020, 11:14:20 AM »
XBARs question is complicated.  To my knowledge PHA and DS have never been detected in a Heritage Shorthorn nor has the E226X MYO mutation  There is a well known case of TH popping up in the Clipper King USA line but establishing where it came from has been difficult.  TH has never been detected in any other Heritage Shorthorn.  MYO is a more difficult issue because of the many different mutations of MYO.  The F94L MYO mutation has been found in a Heritage Shorthorn line but it is impossible, at this point, to say where it came from.  The possibility exists that there was a separate F94L mutation in Shorthorns.  The difficultly lies in the lack of DNA samples to work with in Shorthorns from more than 80 years ago.  The existence of Shorthorn semen samples today from as far back as 70 years ago is helpful but do not necessarily answer all the MYO questions.  Because of the possibility of a mutation occurring at any point within a cattle breed, the testing of Heritage Shorthorns for TH, PHA, DS, and MYO can not be the only determinant of purity.  The Heritage Shorthorn Society recommends that all Shorthorn bulls be tested for the four genetic conditions.  Unfortunately no one can be sure about what went on behind the barn 100 years ago let alone last week.

The Big Show / Re: Heritage/Native Shorthorn Bull Listing
« on: January 16, 2020, 09:48:19 PM »
On February 1st the Heritage Shorthorn Society (HSS) will be posting a list of Heritage bulls that have tested free of TH,  PHA, DS. and MYO.  This list will include several famous old Heritage bulls that have never had genetic information posted on them before and will be updated as more information becomes available to HSS from breeders using the semen from Heritage Shorthorn bulls.  This list is independent of ASA although some of the information may also be on either the ASA or CSA websites.  Only Heritage bulls that have been tested for all four defects will be listed.  Heritage bulls that have been tested for 1-3 of the defects will not be listed.  They can be added to the HSS list if the missing information is provided to HSS.  Partial information on some these bulls may be available on the ASA or CSA websites.

As HSS builds its genetic data base more and more pedigree information will become available.  Certainly there is pedigree information on both the ASA and CSA websites for many Heritage Shorthorn bulls particularly those that are dual registered.  All Shorthorns registered with HSS will have their searchable pedigrees posted along with known genetic test information.  For those interested, there is also an option on HSS registration papers for milk protein (A2, etc) information to be posted if it is known.

The Big Show / Heritage/Native Shorthorn Bull Listing
« on: December 03, 2019, 11:25:53 AM »
For those interested in Heritage/Native Shorthorns there is a list of all Shorthorn bulls currently Verified as Heritage/Native in the reference section on the Heritage Shorthorn Society (HSS) website (www.heritageshorthorn.org). Over 760 bulls from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain are recorded.  Only bulls born after 1955 that have gone through a vetting process to determine they are 100% full blood Shorthorns by pedigree, and have only ancestors that can be traced to the original 1822 Coates Herdbook, are listed.

The original vetting was done by the American Milking Shorthorn Society through their Native program with additional bulls contributed to the list by HSS.  An updated vetting procedure will be available through HSS starting January 1st, 2020 that will be simpler, quicker, and less costly.  Those interested in having their bulls registered Heritage can apply at that time.

The Big Show / Black Noses On Shorthorn Cattle by Dr. Martin Lee
« on: September 02, 2019, 11:11:14 PM »
Dr. Martin Lee has written an interesting article on the history of "Black Noses On Shorthorn Cattle" that is in the Cattle Viewpoints section on the Heritage Shorthorn Society website (www.heritageshorthornsociety.org).

Dr. Bert Moore has written an article called "Heritage Shorthorn's Impact On World Cattle Breeds" that is now available on the Heritage Shorthorn Society website:  www.heritageshorthorn.org.  Dr. Moore is currently co-authoring a Shorthorn history book.

Ralph Larsen, who owns Y Lazy Y Shorthorns, has written an article about the selection of cattle for commercial use.  The article is posted in the Cattle Viewpoints section on the Heritage Shorthorn Society website (www.heritageshorthorn.org).  Anyone who is raising commercial cattle or selling bulls/heifers to commercial cattlemen should find the article both interesting and practical.

The Big Show / Production Focused Purebred Cow Herd
« on: March 05, 2019, 09:24:40 PM »
Gary Kaper (Kaper Cattle Co.-Wolf Ridge Shorthorns) has a new article in the Cattle Viewpoints section on the Heritage Shorthorn Society website (www.heritageshorthorn.org).  The article is titled "Laying The Foundation For A Production Focused Cow Herd".  He goes through the steps necessary to develop a quality purebred cow herd that has the traits which the commercial cattle breeder is looking for today.  Gary explains how purebred breeders can target those traits to produce Shorthorns that the commercial cattle breeder can utilize.

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