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The Big Show / Re: Have you seen any Wymore calves?
« on: April 03, 2007, 03:06:49 PM »
Here you go!

The Big Show / Re: Have you seen any Wymore calves?
« on: April 03, 2007, 10:00:45 AM »
DL, thanks for asking around at MI expo. I want to make a trip to Pollmans to see the new Wymore calves. When I do I'll be sure to take the Kodak. Mean while back at the ranch! Titan, same sire as Wymore, damm's have same sire, great-grand sires are half brothers sired by Improver 3rd. (Explain that relationship)! Anyway Titan is our Junior herd sire here at home, and I'd be more than happy to post some pictures of his calves.

The Big Show / What happened to Showsteers?
« on: April 03, 2007, 08:35:22 AM »
It says Showsteers message board is unavailable. Is this temporary or permanent?

The Big Show / Re: Creep feeding
« on: March 29, 2007, 09:01:34 AM »
All this data is (in my head), I don"t mean to be cynical, but you have to trust me and our program. I do have a long list of references, including the owner of the processing plant, Vo-ag instructors, and satisfied customers. I will say, the secret is crossing Improver 3rd on old world genetics.

We've cussed and discused EPD's and ethics before, and we all know until there's some way of policing (gene-markers), it's all a mater of trust.

The Big Show / Re: Creep feeding
« on: March 29, 2007, 07:34:41 AM »
Ten years ago we ran some feeders through K-Kims feedlot, that data is in the sire summary (ELBEE Darell 8912). Since then we've been feeding and marketing our own freezer beef. Every carcase is analized by the plants owner, nothing offical, but it sure helps for my own information.

As far as (fullblood), there's not a drop of Maine blood in our herd. It all depends on how you veiw the Irish lines. By the way Deerpark Improver 3rd is foundation, (no Known parentage).

The Big Show / Re: Creep feeding
« on: March 26, 2007, 07:08:56 AM »
I believe it's an important part of the club calf business to do just what you say. On the commercail end, we start in July when calves are 5-6 months old with whole oats that we grow on farm. Then wean 4-6 weeks later, steers are usally heavy enuogh to go right on finisher, and heifers are back-grounded for breeding.

The Big Show / Re: Good stories in spite of it all!
« on: March 23, 2007, 07:58:41 AM »
I've been on the fair board for 20 years, and the thing I noticed most is, the kids get along and have a good time when the parents aren't around.

The Big Show / Re: Interesting Conversation
« on: March 23, 2007, 07:47:47 AM »
When our foundation bull was accused of being the original carrier. Deerpark Improver 3rd is DoubleStuff's grandsire. DNA has proven Deerpark Improver 3rd has no link to Deerpark Improver.

The Big Show / Re: Interesting Conversation
« on: March 23, 2007, 07:35:23 AM »
I want to make a comment that you all might find interesting. Back in 97, before Doc B, when Dr. Steffen was the go to guy. I asked our local Vet., who is now retired, what he knew about Tibial Hemimialia? He said, "Oh, thats what makes those fancy show steers!"   

The Big Show / Re: Future genetics
« on: March 22, 2007, 12:25:29 PM »
I have three things say.

1. Genetic markers.
2. Genetic markers.
3. Genetic markers.

Either get on board, or remain ignorant forever! Every Tom, Dick, and Harry sending homemade EPD's into a national database makes about as much sense as carcass graders having a predetermand list of results before their shift starts! 

Animal ID? It"s coming ready or not. Registered horse and cattle breeders can trace every move they'er stock makes during a lifetime. Why not everybody else?

What? Did those university fellas just wake up from a 100 year nap? Good cows last a long time, hmmm...kinda like discovering the link between tenderness and disposition.

The Big Show / Re: Shorthorn Show Rules
« on: March 22, 2007, 07:54:29 AM »
Durham Reds are Durham Reds! Any variation of 75% Red Angus 75% Shorthorn, new breed handeled by the ASA for added revenue, and a link into the commercial market. Great concept, great idea, thanks to Nick Hammet!

Appendix? Whats wrong with that name? At least everyone regognizes it for what it is.

Class 1 Shorthorns.
Class 2 Durham Reds.
Class 3 Appendix Shorthorns.

End of story!

The Big Show / Re: Have you seen any Wymore calves?
« on: March 21, 2007, 09:38:20 AM »
Show Heifer, Wymore has definatly proven himself at Pollmans, If he had'nt I would'nt have offered him to the public. Now, i'd just like to here from the public on those calves. Which Gizmo calf of ours have you seen?

The Big Show / Re: Have you seen any Wymore calves?
« on: March 19, 2007, 09:07:36 PM »
DL, I hope Gizmo is the click your looking for. As far as udders go, most are beautiful, but I saw one that was goat shaped once.

Red, yes these are the first AI calves, but Pollmans have 3 crops natural service maybe 50-60 calves out of various cross, mostly Simmy % and Shorthorns. We have 1 steer out on the show circut, our only 06 by him.

The Big Show / Re: Have you seen any Wymore calves?
« on: March 19, 2007, 12:44:40 PM »
He can fix structure problems, as in put flex in the hock. He'll pretty up the head and front end, and I've yet to see one with a bad attitude. Don't expect any increase in performance. Clubbie types will stay clubbie, big broody types will moderate. Our best calves come from the more extreme angular type. One of those in herd crosses resulted  Wymore. Don't use him on anything sickle hocked.

The Big Show / Have you seen any Wymore calves?
« on: March 19, 2007, 08:27:14 AM »
I would like some objective comments on his calves. There were a couple hundred units distributed last spring, so should be some calves somewhere. This is the only chat room I feel comfortable asking about our own bulls on.


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