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The Big Show / Re: GCC Unwound
« on: July 28, 2014, 05:46:41 PM »
Some on the way in Sep

The Big Show / Re: Unprofessionalism
« on: July 23, 2014, 01:02:26 PM »
Parents have to concentrate on shutting up and not telling their kids how bad they got screwed.  You automatically program your kids to think the world is against them.  If you leave the kids alone, most will have a good time being with their buddies and not worry nearly as much about results as parents do.

The Big Show / Re: Cattle prices wow!
« on: July 22, 2014, 09:04:29 PM »
It's a relatively recent occurrence that avg families could afford beef with regularity.  Goes back to what some of you are trying to say about prices now are still playing catch up.

The Big Show / Re: Announcement from Tyson Foods
« on: July 17, 2014, 10:10:08 PM »
I know full well about the Zilmax ban from Tyson.  Zilmax hasn't been available for nearly a year.  I question the prevalence of it in show steers going to slaughter right now.

The Big Show / Re: Announcement from Tyson Foods
« on: July 17, 2014, 09:26:44 PM »
I don't worry too much about what the chicken molesters at Tyson think.  I still question the truth behind the story from that sale barn.  If there's any truth, it's likely a guy at Tyson and not "Tyson".  That sale barn would be considered a piss ant in Tx.  400 head runs?  And their proud of it?  Maybe its a time of year thing.

XBAR - let go of the conspiracy theories.  Plot the average human lifespan and use of all these bad chemical modern ag use over time.  You'll see a pretty strong positive correlation.

If that many steers test positive for drugs up north, I guess our crooked Tex/Ok steer jocks are a lot better than their yankee counterparts.  Our steers in Tx have been getting drug tested  for 20 yrs.  We get great prices for our Zilmaxed up show steers that get put on the truck at our majors.

The Big Show / Re: Announcement from Tyson Foods
« on: July 16, 2014, 07:40:11 PM »
This likely has as much truth to it as 99% of the other news stories on Facebook.

The Big Show / Re: Belt Buckle Bonanza
« on: July 08, 2014, 04:12:53 PM »
The little Skiles kids pretty much dominated the whole show.  Their B&W progress isn't their best calf by the way.  He was Reserve in Ring A.  I love him on the move, I think he's a little "piecey" set up, but that's splitting hairs.  I've never seen a calf with that much hair in July.  He was panting in the ring like someone that had just finished a marathon.  I never read how heavy he is, but he looks to me like he's pretty close to done right now.  I seriously doubt he'll be held past a fall show.

By the way, those two little kids can show the heck out of those steers.  They have lots of professional help, but you can tell those kids are putting in their time.  I'd be shocked if I'm wrong on that.

If there is any competition where you show, most kids are going to do the basics (getting feet right, correct posture, etc) right.  The differentiators are almost always your "presence" and how easy you make it look and how relaxed you are.  It is also very hard to win showmanship without a top end calf that is fitted well.  That shouldn't matter but it does.

Honestly, after you have done it a few years, you either have "it" or you don't when it comes to doing well in showmanship.  At Texas's biggest prospect shows, there are lots of very competetive families that don't even have their kids bother.  For example, my oldest son is 15 and is an offensive lineman.  He's always been tall for his age and not the most coordinated thing in the world.  I consider him to be a hell of showman - he almost always places very well with his calves, makes the sale at our majors, and has even won some pretty big prospect shows over his career.  I figured out a long time ago, that showmanship contests weren't his "deal".  Big gangly boys aren't going to beat cute little girls nine times out of ten, with all else being close to equal.  In fact, the only showmanship contests we ever bother with are our county show where you actually get called back after the main show and it would be rude not to show up.  Even at that, the only time he ever has won showmanship at county was a year where it was basically a consolation prize for getting passed over for grand.  Don't thnk it's just you that has trouble like this.

There are many things you are supposed to do in a showmanship class that will get you beat in a tough regular class such as where you position your calf (sticking out a little farther than everyone else, knowing how/when to circle, etc.)

Nobody can tell from a picture what you are/aren't doing wrong for sure.  There are different styles and your posture doesn't bother me.  I don't like styles where you stand ramrod straight and look uptight.  You do have your calf's back right foot kicked way too far back.  Yes, it belongs farther back than back left, but in that one photo both back feet should be pulled up a good 6 inches or so.

A BIG trick to looking good showing that I never hear anyone talking about is walking in step with your calf.  Your legs and your calf's front legs should be "marching in step".  Makes all the difference in the world with how you arnd your calf look walking.

It really isn't a judge's job to tell you what you are doing wrong in the show.  There isn't time to go into the level of detail with every kid.  It would also be extremely rude to be that critical over a microphone.  Those are the reasons they don't tell you more than maybe an occassional pointer.

The Big Show / Re: Supplements to help weight gain
« on: June 23, 2014, 05:01:02 PM »
I'm not sure who on here has a financial incentive on recommending supplements, but.....

A bull ration is not what you want to feed a steer - at any point in his life.  For good reason, they are the opposite of what you want to use.

We feed a lot of show steers and have for a long time.  I don't necessarily disagree with XBAR, but I can't get most of ours (especially black calves who are at a similar stage to yours) to eat a true finishing ration in the summer without having issues - diarhea, low intake, etc.  I just tried to push two onto one and had to back off.  I always was taught the 3% rule also, but in reality you are doing fine if they'll actually eat around 2.5% of body weight per day.

I have my own feed mixed - my "grower ration" is slightly lower fat% and higher fiber% than most commercial show steer finishers (i.e. Purina).

A lot of steers won't eat the extra corn XBAR is talking about late in life when they are almost "done".  That's where the supplements come in.  I've dabbled with quite a few but all I really use anymore during the summer are Surechamp (on all of them) and sometimes the old trusted Calf Manna (usually on ones I'm holding).

In the fall or winter when you are trying to get one really fat (you ain't there yet), that's where fat supplements come in.  Most of the ones on the market aren't the snake oil that supplements that are supposed to help with other "stuff" are.  Purina's are great.  "Who" makes them often tell the tale on where there is any validity to them.  If most of this stuff made by small companies really worked, one of the big guys would have bought them up.

I can't envision needing one other than Power Fuel, especially if you can't get one to eat quite enough finisher.  It is what I always use unless I have one with a tendency to bloat in which case I'll use an oil.

If you have access to Purina products, go buy their finisher - but you may need to give them a little prairie hay or low quality coastal at night to keep their belly working right this time of year. 

"Look" is more important than pure rate of gain in most show steer scenarios.  Most of us that feed lots of them turn calves out on round bales at night to keep the belly and roundness in them that you need.  Personally, I use my own feed + either round bales of wheat or coastal hay and cruise right on where they need to be with real gains between 2 and 2.5 pounds a day over the course of a year.

One other word of advice.  I let a calf grown into what he's meant to be - I don't try to force a medium wt to be a heavy wt, etc.  It's splitting hairs somewhat, but if you have a smaller framed calf let him finish at the weight where he needs to be. 

The Big Show / Re: ear tag issues
« on: June 19, 2014, 07:05:16 PM »
I get much longer than 3 yrs out of Temple tags.  Ones i put in 08 are still fine

The Big Show / Re: Neck issues?
« on: June 19, 2014, 10:28:26 AM »
I've seen some weird neck things over the years, none of which were permanent.  My guess would be a pinched nerve.  Give him some banamine and/or dex and see if it helps by getting rid of some minor swelling and relieving pain.  If that doesn't work, find out when Walker Fletcher is going to be in north Texas doing chiropractic work and haul him to wherever he's going to be at.

The Big Show / Re: Not the way you want to find a calf
« on: June 13, 2014, 11:28:14 AM »
They are worse than kids getting into trouble.

Which goes back to why I find it humorous that people gripe about this breed or that breed not being "good enough".  Never mind the rugged western US, the majority of cattle in states like Texas aren't "managed" in hardly any sense of the word.  There are thousands of brahman-influenced mutts running around in south Texas brush country that aren't much gentler those things (at least there before the drought thinned them out).

Anything any of us raise (clubby, shorthorn, etc) are superior to 90% of what's out there.  You think cattle that wild will ever settle down and actually feed well and finish if you can ever get them to a feedlot?  The kids working the back of sale barns those kinds of animals find their way to better be quick on their feet.

Any ranch in the U.S. showing video of having to handle cattle that roughly would catch hell though.  Never mind from the dog lovers.  I'm not tough enough to deal with animals like that.

I'm pretty sure me and four boys got dog cussed last summer in Colorado.  We were on a day hike in the West Elk Wilderness near Montrose, Colorado.  We came up over the top of a hill and were going down the back side toward some heavy timber when we heard something crashing through trees.  I thought a herd of elk were about to come running out, but in fact - it was one cowboy bringing a handful of cows out.  They hadn't seen just a whole lot of people before.  We tried to get out of sight but couldn't and those cows turned tail and went right back the other way as quick as they saw us.  I'm pretty sure we weren't that cowboy's favorite people that day.

The Big Show / Re: Kris Black Sale
« on: June 12, 2014, 09:56:27 AM »
Cattle.com has full sale results listed in their sale report.  I didn't stay that long, but pretty sure they were plenty high.

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