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The Big Show / Re: Freeze Brands
« on: April 27, 2007, 11:13:55 AM »
   Cattle Chick,  look @ www.valleyvet.com, or toll free 800-468-0059. Study up alot & ask people that have done it successfully. I'm sure that there is great info on the net for it. I use to freeze brand with varying degrees of success. Some people seem to be able to make it work well every time. Good luck, Cab

The Big Show / Re: Opinion on defect carriers
« on: April 26, 2007, 12:39:40 PM »
   Do either the ASA or the Maine Anjou Ass. require clean tests to participate @ their major shows. I think that would be a good start to clean things up & help the image of the breed. That to me is a no brainer & is probably already in place hopefully. Cab

The Big Show / Re: Correction to the AMAA PHAF and PHAC list
« on: April 26, 2007, 12:24:08 PM »
    There are mistakes on alot of the sites. People are going to have to get ahold of the owners of the bulls that they are planning on using and point blank ask the quetions. I e-mailed Onlinebullstud.com yesterday about Habeger's Texas Hold'em bull, because if you put in critieria for PHA & TH free list under club calf bulls, he comes up clean for both, but is THC. They e-mailed back, but the bull is still listed free.

The Big Show / Re: 06 sync breeding results
« on: April 26, 2007, 12:14:32 PM »
   Interesting, when you look @ Frostbacks gestation length, it stands out, that they really get tight around that 282-289 area, but 10 days early & 10 days late re4ally common. For everybody that is always wondering about how long??? It would be interesting to go by breeds & bulls to figure out gestation lengths. I have only had 5 Cowboy Cut calves, but I think he could be a short gestation length bull. Started on the 2nd round this morning. A cow that was bred on 7/2/06, recycled & was rebred on 7/22/06 calved 4/26/07. I think that is 8 days early. Have 3 Radio Actives coming soon, they look to be longer term. I haven't have alot of previous experience with SH, but aren't they longer in general? Have one old broken down Simi X cow that is bred to Sunseeker, she always has a early small calf that I don't like that usually rises to the top B 4 fall.
  On one of my previous posts, I asked for the best PHA & TH free bulls to use that can compete. What I was also kind of trying to show was that until we can come up with one that will, us club calf freaks will use what will work  & sell. I know it doesn't make any sense to alot of people, but it's the total reallity of the situation. I find it abit more amasing that we use Heat Wave & his offspring, when we are pretty sure that the heirfers probably won't end up milking even close to well enough.
   Does anyone have any thoughts on the Open Bar bull? He does interest me. The Black Impact in the pedigree, how much will it pull down the milk & maternal values? CAB

The Big Show / Re: Best PHA & TH Free Club calf bulls
« on: April 25, 2007, 12:59:36 PM »
   Have used Doctor Who & most likely will again. Problems with him are, won't very often sire stout enough steers, but looks like he will work out by leaving acceptable females, little early to tell for sure how good. He is better structured than his sire by far. Is crossed up quite abit more than I like to see as far as siring hybred vigor. Does give you hair on some. Friction is a good choice. I like the looks of Live Wire,a Friction son that is THC. Has anyone heard anything about any Live Wire calves?
    I was entertaining the idea of using Sugar Ray some. The Chi X deal may need to be explored some again. Where can I find more info on the Flash bull, please? Cab

The Big Show / Re: Pictures of My PB Angus Bull Calf (JAG)....
« on: April 25, 2007, 12:48:14 PM »
    RCS, I really like your choices as to what youare flushing her to next. 3C Machco is my pick of the Simi's right now and have been loking @ the New Edition bull alot lately. Cab

The Big Show / 06 sync breeding results
« on: April 25, 2007, 12:23:42 PM »
   I thought it would be fun to put this up. Seems like there are some young producers that wonder how long to wait B 4 getting concerned about late AI due dates. Of coarse we all know that different bulls have different ges. lengths. These were all mature cows that I synced with 1 shot cystrelin @ the time of putting in a cidr for 7 days & @ the time of pulling the cidr I gave 5 cc of Lytalyce, then started heat cking. & bred off of standing heat. Actually put in 20 cidrs. Bred 1 cow naturally caught in on the 1st of July,(she happened to calf last out of this group on the19th of April). One cow lost her cidr & showed no signs of heat and was later reset bred 2 times, didn't settle ,& was sold. Another cow had her cidr in, but no response, set up later & bred, settled & is due on 5/14. The rest of the cows are as follows.Pulled cidrs on a Thursday afternoon, early evening. Started breeding Sunday evening. Bred 15 that day,which was 7/2. Bred 1 on the 3rd, & 3 on the 4th.
5 cows calved on 4/4, that's 9 days early on a 285 day gestation table
2 cows  on the 7th, 6 days early
1 cow on the  9th, 4 days early
3 cows on the 10th, 3 days early
1 cow on the 15th, 2 days late
1 cow on the 16th, 3 over
And again the cow bred natural, 1st cow bred & last to calf on the 19th, 6 over
Of the 6 cows that recycled. I had one 9 day wonder, bred her 2 Xs, she reycled, sold
one recycled 2Xs, sold
4 rebred on the 1st recycled from 7/22 to 7/25, Am ecspecting to get 4 calves from 5/3 to 5/5. We'll see how that works out for me.
   I liked the way it worked last year, because I got 2 swings out of it in approx. 3 weeks. All AI calves, but had to sell 2 coes, which happened to be older. Going to set the mature cows up for Sunday the 1st of July this summer. CAB

The Big Show / Re: Best PHA & TH Free Club calf bulls
« on: April 25, 2007, 09:47:19 AM »
   So far, of the bulls listed, I like the Life Line bull best. I have used WMW some over the years, and he does leave good to great females, but alot of his calves will toe out severely. Bold Statement will be fun to watch develope or crash. I read him as being way too straight & posty. Pale face works on some, but not consitant enough for me. Ido like the Sonny bull, but I can't afford him, maybe a son, but then we get back to proven sire questions. See what we're up against trying to find a predictable, genetic defect free club calf sire that can and will compete. CAB

The Big Show / Re: Dead calves - was it aliens?
« on: April 25, 2007, 09:20:07 AM »
   DL, I totally agree with you in theory, but my problem is that I hardly ever get a possitive diagnois, so you just lost money on the dead one and what is your charge to poist  a calf? Doesn't take alot to lose the profit potential from another cows baby. I know it's a pretty bad attitude, but it has been my experience over the years to try to be patient, and think some for yourself. There definately comes a time that you need to post & send off tissue, but economics and results play into my decisions largely.
   Show Heifer, I assume that you have ruled out the possibility of any of the clostridials attributing to your problem. The clostridials is what it sounds like to me, but that is just a semi educated guess. Have a good day everyone. CAB

The Big Show / Best PHA & TH Free Club calf bulls
« on: April 24, 2007, 07:04:23 PM »
   What are the best PHA & TH Free bulls to use for producing competitive calves in the X-Bred divisions?

The Big Show / Re: Where are we headed....really
« on: April 24, 2007, 03:33:14 PM »
   I don't know the answers to even what I think. It's a sad state in many ways what is happening is that we have & are mongrelizing the club calf business. I don't have a large amount of cows, but we have fed out all of our calves the last several years, and without a doubt, the best feeding cattle are sired by purebred bulls. It's hard to get a pure bull to put it all together in one purebred hit, so we make sacrifies to get the great one, but as a cattle breeder's, we can't do justice to the beef industry. The fact of the matter is, as long as most of the traits that the judges pick for aren't nessecarily important to the industry, we will chase it, but let's face it, we all have this image in our minds too of what is pretty, not so important are traits like pretty fronted and will he burn hair. I have a hard time looking @ the slick sheer calves. Rate of gain, marbling, and wt/day of age don't get much press in the ring. It is amasing that we breed the TH & PHA genes when it is a dead end. For the commercial man like myself, every carrier you keep is pretty much dead in the water for you @ your place. When we get a calf out f a carrier sired calf, we are always hoping, steer. What do you do with that good looking Heatwave heifer that has a calf running beside her starving? Breedc her back, and sell her? Not without telling someone what may happen. So your stuck with her, or you pound her, or hope she tests clean.

The Big Show / Re: Where are we headed....really
« on: April 24, 2007, 01:58:03 PM »
   This may be a little off the subject, but is relative. I'm amased that there are as many Heatwave sons out there. Has anyone ever stopped to think about where in his pedagree all the milk disappears. Taz has one of the highest milk EPD's in the Ma summary. He calves hard, no milk, and keeping a heifer out of him is risky on so many levels, but people will use the crap out of him. I'll admit that it is hard to leave him out of the mix, if your into club calf production. We talk about him @ least weekly here. I think that so many of us are so competitive that we get caught up chasing that new bull thinking that we may get left standing in the dust. I use bulls that I think should click well, and am disappointed many times, so I move on to the next mistake instead of stepping back and using a bull that will @ least leave good maternal value. Need to be more disaplined. Patience is definately a virtue when breeding cattle.
   The true calving ease bulls seem to usually disappoint me also. They just can't seem to compete with the stouter bulls. I like calves BW's to be 85lbs if I could pick one wt. Calving ease bulls don't seem to leave me with a great female either. Cab

The Big Show / Re: Dead calves - was it aliens?
« on: April 24, 2007, 10:39:05 AM »
    Shoe heifer, I am in the bottom 2 tiers of counties in Iowa. Funny that the guy didn't respond to you with any info. Usually the people that are afflicted are so desperate for anything that might give a clue. There has been enough trouble in the area that I think something is working on the cattle. By-products have been around for ever although alot of the protocals have changed since BSE and we have new ones because of the ever changing energy industry. I don't think my losses had anything to do with what we are talking about, but I only had 8 1st calvers, so to lose 3 out of 8 was bad, and it does scare you. Just like yourself, you are going to be on pins & needles until next year when you start calving. I know this is crazy, but I don't have a good vac. program implemented, but used to. I think that I get along better with out, but I do have a closed herd. Every time something comes up though, I get real nervous. I do vac. calves with 7way+Somnus, And they get an unconventional scour vac. Sorry DL. but it is a must here. Cab

The Big Show / Re: Dead calves - was it aliens?
« on: April 24, 2007, 10:02:52 AM »
   The other forum that I read about dead calves shortly after birth was the Breeder's world. Cab

The Big Show / Re: Dead calves - was it aliens?
« on: April 24, 2007, 08:46:56 AM »
Has anyone read the thread on another site, approximately 1 month ago that had a similiar reports of calves dying shortly after birth from no apparent reason? 2 different producers were losing calves somewhere in southern Iowa, pulling their hair out, frantically trying to get answers to no avail the last that I knew. DL is there any way that you could possibly find any info out from ISU. These situations are very intriging to us, but so devistating to the families that it happens to. This spring as I started calving, the first 6 calves that I had, I only ended up with 50% live rate, 2 born dead early, and 1 pulled with a strong heart beat, but wouldn't take that first breath. You get to wondering all sorts of stuff, like a previous post, the #9,10 thing. As I look back and try to figure this deal of mine out, all of the calves that I lost were out of my first calf heifers, all penned together. I question possibly a batch of feed, but will never know for sure. I've had cows for over 40 years, and looking back, it seems to me that, if you're going to have a bit  of trouble, there will be some on the front end, the 2 calves that were born dead were both about 2 weeks early. I think that they were late term abortions, but would love to know for surre what happened. With this story, it seems to me that there has to be something going on that has a chance of being figured out. I can't remember witch site that I read about the calves dying shortly after birth, but I will hunt it down. I am curious as to what part of the country that this producer is from. The grass tetinus aspect doesn't fit for me. Cab

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