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The Big Show / Re: Dead calves - was it aliens?
« on: April 24, 2007, 10:02:52 AM »
   The other forum that I read about dead calves shortly after birth was the Breeder's world. Cab

The Big Show / Re: Dead calves - was it aliens?
« on: April 24, 2007, 08:46:56 AM »
Has anyone read the thread on another site, approximately 1 month ago that had a similiar reports of calves dying shortly after birth from no apparent reason? 2 different producers were losing calves somewhere in southern Iowa, pulling their hair out, frantically trying to get answers to no avail the last that I knew. DL is there any way that you could possibly find any info out from ISU. These situations are very intriging to us, but so devistating to the families that it happens to. This spring as I started calving, the first 6 calves that I had, I only ended up with 50% live rate, 2 born dead early, and 1 pulled with a strong heart beat, but wouldn't take that first breath. You get to wondering all sorts of stuff, like a previous post, the #9,10 thing. As I look back and try to figure this deal of mine out, all of the calves that I lost were out of my first calf heifers, all penned together. I question possibly a batch of feed, but will never know for sure. I've had cows for over 40 years, and looking back, it seems to me that, if you're going to have a bit  of trouble, there will be some on the front end, the 2 calves that were born dead were both about 2 weeks early. I think that they were late term abortions, but would love to know for surre what happened. With this story, it seems to me that there has to be something going on that has a chance of being figured out. I can't remember witch site that I read about the calves dying shortly after birth, but I will hunt it down. I am curious as to what part of the country that this producer is from. The grass tetinus aspect doesn't fit for me. Cab

The Big Show / Re: What is your favorite cattle/farm dog?
« on: March 05, 2007, 08:41:36 AM »
   This probably sounds like a crazy mix, but the last few dogs that we have had have been F-1 Blue heeler males on pure Rat Terrier's. They are so cute. They look like minature Blue heelers and are very, very smart. They are very multie purpose. B-4 these dogs, we have had Aussies and Heelers both, but the F-1's will out work and out smart them both. CAB

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