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Re: Class project about concealed carry on college campuses
« Reply #15 on: December 09, 2011, 01:32:52 PM »
Other than what they talked about in the video I was unaware that this was even being considered at any colleges. I could see how it would make you feel safer about your daughter, if she is from a farm background im sure she knows how to handle one. My concern is that there are a lot of college students that can't handle and probably dont need the responsibility of carrying something that can take a life. Im a sophomore at Morehead State University in Eastern Kentucky. We have a police post on campus, a city police, and a state police post less than two miles from campus, so ive never felt that safety was an issue.

Exactly, I am sure 99% who would go through the ccw class would be alright however the 1% would scare me to death.  I remember when it was no big deal to have your shotgun sitting in your backwindow of your truck when you went to school.  If you did it now you would have swat tackling you in class.  I can understand why, especially after columbine and Virginia tech.

but you have to realize, on those two occasions...

those who keep the guns in the back window.. have FOID Cards, and the know how of what to do...  Those who did the shooting, I'm guessing didn't have the permission to own the gun in the first place, let alone take it in... 

Irregardlesss of what kind of rules schools put in place.  if somebody is going to go in and blast a bunch of people they don't like, they're going to do it regardless of whether or not school banned it (the gun)... 

Not back in the day, never needed a card and gun was displayed in my back window.  Only time I took it down when I was afraid it would be stolen. 

I am understand most of these whakos don't have a ccw permit, but I do know that are a lot of trigger happy folks that give these ccw.  The same type of cops that grow up to be power hungry jerks.  I am not beating down the profession, most cops are great guys who put their life on the line, but there is a few.


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