Quantcast Heifer kicks blower...anyone got any tips?


Author Topic: Heifer kicks blower...anyone got any tips?  (Read 7222 times)

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Re: Heifer kicks blower...anyone got any tips?
« Reply #15 on: November 30, 2007, 08:04:34 PM »

Get 3 or 4 empty aluminum cans, and some twine.  Poke some holes in the cans, and tie them to the twine about 24 -30 inches long.  Tie them together, and hook them to her tail with a zip-tie.  Have the cans hanging about hock high.  Turn her loose, and watch the rodeo.  She will eventually learn the cans won't hurt her, and she will then ignore them.  This will usually cure one from kicking at anything.

You must have really good fences to "tin can the tom cat"!
OK maybe I am over reacting here (hard to believe eh?) but this approach seems to be punishment for a behavior that we don't understand the motivation of (my old English teacher would gag on that sentence) - if we want to influence behavior we have to understand why the behavior occurs - if we misinterpret the motivation what we do might make the problem worse or create other issues or create the potential for heifer explosion - what we do to horses to get the perfect western pleasure horse often borders on cruel and the horses end up "defeated" and either in a learned helplessness situation or just waiting to escape.

How many times have you heard (or maybe done) a person tell how the dog pooped in the house or chewed up a slipper and the human say he did it on purpose (no not really - dogs don't think like humans) and we fix them by beating them with the slipper of rubbing their nose in dog poop (and what exactly does that teach them???)

What I am trying to say (poorly perhaps :)) is that I am not sure this is an offense deserving of punishment when you don't understnad the motivation - punishing a frightened animal doesn't teach them anything (ie we don't learn when we are scared) but it does increase their fear which could escalate into really bad behavior -

sounds like SJ89 is on the right track...[/b][/color]
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