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Re: judging codewords
« Reply #15 on: July 17, 2007, 10:53:06 AM »
WE showed our white shorthorn steer at the Ohio State shorthorn show last saturday... our calf was easily the thickest steer in the barn and probably the prettiest.... and definatly the most extreme... Judge called him too extreme and had too much muscle... this sucker moves like a cat and covers his tracks completely!!!! He is bold fronted but in no way coarse.. and he paddles a bit in the front unlike his brother but that is why he is a steer!!!! Never in my life have I ever heard that a steer had too much muscle! The nice thing was after the show alot of people came by to say that we should have won it and that they really liked him... That was very nice and really what it is all about....
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Re: judging codewords
« Reply #16 on: July 18, 2007, 07:56:17 AM »
My personal favorite is "I like this animal for where it is at for this stage of the game". My oldest son heard this several times last year after placing second in class behind an exotic steer in local prospect shows.  At the county show he smoked this same steer in class, as it had become too heavy and stale.  I reminded him of the losses and stressed the final show is the end of the game, not the first three quarters.
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Re: judging codewords
« Reply #17 on: July 18, 2007, 01:49:18 PM »
How bout at an actual fat show,

" a good feedlot steer, but just dosent have the hair to compete with the steers standing above him"   :o  wwwwhhhhaaatttt?

Best part of the whole thing tho was winning the carcass contest with him!!

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Re: judging codewords
« Reply #18 on: July 18, 2007, 04:50:01 PM »
imo, i think you get to the major breed shows a breeding heifer is going to get a better look.the jackpots you get college guys,ag teachers(jimmyski nothing personal) and they go for hairballs.not all and this is my observation.rusty

Angus3, nothing personal taken.

 I am in fact a college kid, who judged at the Junior and Senior College Level, however, I was never good enough in College to get too big of a head about it. I was always pretty decent at placing classes but having never judged until my Sophomore year of Junior College, I was a long ways behind in the reasons room. At the same time, I was never big into the showring either, I spent most of my youth (16 years) wrestling and that's actually how I ended up at the Junior College. For some lucky (I guess you could say that now) reason, I tore up my shoulder and that's how I ended up on a livestock judging team. So, one thing that has helped me more than anything is that I have no ties to really any breeder in the showring and don't have to worry about the politics thing as of right now. That is one thing I despise more than anything. If I get to were I would like to be in terms of judging a few larger shows, I know it's something that probably can not be helped, even with as much as I try and stay out of it, mainly due to the fact that if you judge enough shows, you are bound to start running into the same people and hopefully make a few friends along the way. The few people that I do have connections with, I always tell them where I am judging if they are in the vicinity, and let them know that I would preferr if they wouldn't come that day, just to try and avoid those situations.

Also a lot of you are correct in the fact that we try to be big and general when we can be along with staying mostly positive.   You will also never hear me say anything about hair in a Market Steer class. Sometimes it does add look and if it's a really close pair, it might get sorted a little bit on profile and balance. But the overall determining factors, should first be muscle and finish; 2nd - Structure; and 3rd-Balance/Profile. At least that's what I'm looking for when I judge a Market Class.
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