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Author Topic: Plans/Layout for Tub, Squeeze Ally-way, & Squeeze Chute Inside Pole Barn  (Read 3836 times)

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I have had my "cattle working system set-up" for over 30 years. It is has been updated, remodeled, and repaired numerous time.  I think I am ready to "tear it out" and start over.  I have been injured too many times and am just getting to old to fight the stubborn ones.

I would like to keep most everything inside my pole barn for inclement weather and everything is already "built around it" as far as gates and ally-ways and outdoor pens.

Existing:  I have an old 24 x 64 pole barn.  With one 16' door opening East (which is one 64' side) 16' from the North end, and one Man Door opening North (on a 24' side) and on the West corner.  Currently I "run" my cattle in 16' door.  I have an ally-way against the West wall (no doors).  It starts against a 16' calving pen, approx 16' from South End.  The ally-way runs North to the "Man Door" where my squeeze-chute with palpation gate sets outside.  I also, have a pen on the North end 16' from the end of the barn which lines up with the 16' door I bring the cattle in from.  I also have concrete the full length of the barn 64' x 40' on the East side of the barn with gates going to pasture and paddocks on all three sides, going to four locations.  Sorry, for this explanation.  I wish I could draw the layout.  It would be way easier to understand.

My question,  Can some of you help me design, or know where I can look online for designing my Working Ally?  Here are my requirements...

1.)  Build all inside pole barn or I could possible put squeeze chute back outside.
2.)  Build ally- way on West side of barn, because it has no door and leads to Man Door that I need to run cattle out of.
3.)  I would like to leave room for a calving pen on West end if possible.
4.)  Cattle need to come thru existing 16' door on East side of barn because of existing structure.
5.)  Only running 25-30 cows.  I will want to A.I., preg-check, vaccinate, ear tag, and process cows/heifers, & vaccinate, dehorn, castrate, and process calves.


1.)  Squeeze chute with palpation gate.  BTW:  Which brand is best on quality and price?  Looking for strong built with good options but not the Cadillac.
2.)  Ally-way with squeeze.
3.)  Tub
4.)  What other equipment do I need that might prove helpful?

Thank you for all your time!   (clapping)

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I have used this before, I have never purchased from them, but did give me an idea of what i needed if I did go through with it.

I have a portable Preifert tub, corral, chute setup. All open sided panels and all chain together. I like it. The bow gates are about heavy and more than I like to handle setting up by myself. The other panels are not bad. Tub is 4 separate panels and easy to setup. Thats for a 180 sweep. I really like the preifert chute and palp cage. Not a real fan of the transport cart. About takes 2 guys to get lined up and then lift and lock into place. I do it by myself quite a bit but not ideal. If you don't move it very often though I really like the chute compaired to the others i have seen and used. I use this setup for a pasture then have old stand alone wood alleyway seti[ at my house. Then just hook my chute up to that when needed. The old one at the house is getting pretty worn down. Thinking about trying to set my whole preifert setup there somehow or putting it inside like what your doing. The place I bought all my stuff also sells fencing and setups from Corbin steel. http://www.corbinsteel.com/I would like to add a squeeze ally to mine someday. They have a Y panel that would be nice. At my place I Y off my chute from the ally. Then close off the chute and use the same ally to use for a loadout. 

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I put in a Bud Box inside my 40 by 60 barn.  If you understand how they work they are great.  if you don't understand watch a few You tube videos of them.  I love the set up.

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In self catch I really like Pearson. I have seen a bud box work first hand and I would also use the word slick. It will be what I use in my barn when ready to do so.


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