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What a trip!
« on: January 23, 2014, 12:39:46 PM »
We just returned from a family trip to the Disney Parks in Orlando.  What a great time!  I had been to Disney Land in California in the late 50's and do have a few memories of that trip, although I was only 3 at the time.  We drove to Cocoa Beach, so now I can say I have stood in both of our border oceans.  Due to a bad experience in the air, I don't fly anymore.  It was a 22 hour drive, one way, so I had time for some thinking and general observations: 

I had not been further southeast than Louisville, so it was fun to go through Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.  Beautiful scenery.  I assumed the pecans, oranges, and grapefruit would be fresher and cheaper than they are in Iowa.  Well, they were fresher, for the most part.  I got a half-bushel of oranges from one of the many Florida Citrus Growers stores scattered along the interstate.  I discovered that almost 1/4 of the oranges had mold spots on them when we got home.  The Disney Theme Parks know how to make a buck.  Unbelievable what can be done when combining the human imagination with technology.  I found it interesting that you needed a scan card and fingerprint to get into the Magic Kingdom, but if you want to vote for President, just walk on in!  I listened on the radio to some East Coast intellectual that was way smarter than me talk about how capitalism had run its course, it won't work.  It was time that the Government owned all property in the US.  There should be no more private ownership of anything anymore.  The Government should run it all.  I wonder how the Disney parks would work if operated by the Government.  I wonder, in fact, if the Disney Parks would even exist if Walt Disney had been born in, say, Minsk or Moscow.  I can't get this sick, Russian female police sergeant apperaing image of Tinkerbell out of my head.


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