Anyone used the Bulls "Meant to Be" (Simmi) and "Duello Icon" (Maine) recently?

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Apr 4, 2020
Breeding 10 PB Angus heifers next year and was wondering if "Meant to Be" was calving ease and safe to use on them to create Sim/Angus cows to breed clubby bulls in the future. The heifers will be out of either "Colburn Primo" or "Bushs Unbelievable"

Breeding 30 PB Angus cows next year A.I. but want to still breed half to angus bulls thinking "Primo and Style" was just wondering if "Duello Icon" was living up to the hype to create the Maternal calves to make Maine/Angus cows with.

Any feedback on these bulls would be helpful as I am just getting into the breeding game for show calves but first I really want to create a solid cow base to breed clubby bulls to.


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May 7, 2022
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