Apparently we should all feel guilty about eating, huh.

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shorthorns r us

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Apr 9, 2007
Combine this with the TIME crapazine, i meant magazine, article and i almost feel guilty about the fact that i have to eat.  i am exceedingly glad that i have the ability to produce my own food.  all the "smart" people are going to starve the the world.  all the work put in by michael jackson, madonna, et al to singing we are the world is going up in smoke.  or is it out in silt?  i'm so confused.

The Finger of Blame Pointed Towards Agriculture over "Harmfully Over-Enriched Ecosystems"
A group known as the World Resources Institute is claiming that between agriculture and industrial wastes, many of the coastal waters around the world are already dead- or will be dying shortly. The group points the finger of blame mostly at agriculture when it comes to the water of North America and Europe.

A news release from this group states "The sources of pollution vary by region. In the United States and Europe, agricultural sources such as animal manure and commercial fertilizers are typically the main causes of eutrophication. Sewage and industrial discharges, which usually receive some treatment, are a secondary source. However, elsewhere in the world, wastewater from sewage and industry is often untreated and a primary contributor to eutrophication. Only 35 percent of wastewater in Asia is treated, 14 percent in Latin America and the Caribbean, and less than 1 percent in Africa."

We have a link to the news release- which in turn has a link to the study that they cite as proof that production agriculture is causing massive problems downstream at a point where rivers are dumping into the ocean.


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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
this is all taurus frass.

i haven't seen a study yet on all the dinosaur damage and all the animals that covered the globe 10,000 years ago.  i wish these people would just come out and say it.  kill humans.  they already do with abortion, birth control etc.  they just can't export it fast enough to muslim, hindu, budhist, and other asian countries.  of course there are old style birth control methods, mostly plant based in older cultures.  the most interesting stat i've seen about demographics, is that by 2060, whites will be less than 10% of the population, black will be about 28%.  this is the exact opposite from the 50's.  essentially, whites are committing suicide demographically. 

i feel we need to quit subsidizing developing countries.  they have no incentive to control their population because we keep giving them free stuff, and we keep importing 1 million people a year, and usually the people who would help most from the country they come from.  on the other hand, they are coming here and having less kids, while their brothers and sisters are killing each other.

simple geography will eventually create a human die off from some sort of disease like the plague again, when one of the viral strains mutates and leaps species.  aids probably came from eating monkeys, rather than george bush, drug resistant staph, tuberculosis et al and lack of screening will have an effect.  we do a better job with horse and cattle health than we do with human health.

why we are protesting china when we buy stuff from them is the perfect metaphor for how really hypocritical we are.  the world wants indentured servants and slaves again to stay profitable and wants capitalism to pay all the bills for socialism and they will use any collectivism horror story and chicken little spokespeople to do it.

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