April fool on myself

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Feb 7, 2007
Well heres a good one. I shouldnt admit it as it shows my horrible record keeping skills.
When we preg checked in the fall we had a reciep that did not match to her Transfer date so thought she went to the next cycle,which would put her calving on 3-31. No big deal she should have a good one to our clean up bull. Well she showed signs of calving but a ways off so we ran to the store. We got back and there beside the purebred homo black limi cow was a BALDIE SOCKED CALF. Well I went to check my records and I looked at what I had and then took out the transfer sheet from the vet and sure enough I dont know how to number the months, I was a month off.  She calved 4 days before her date instead of 1 over. Flet like a bonehead, but it was a good ending, cow and calf doing fine. Hated to have to admit it with hubby right there though.


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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Oh no! I transfer figures wrong all the time. I have to really double check myself. Don't you just hate it when it happens in front of the hubby!
Glad everything else went fine. (clapping)
What other April Fool jokes did anyone get played on them or did you do?
My hubby woke me up this morning telling me that there was probably snow on the ground. That the weatherman changed the forecast & we were supposed to get snow. I though it was strange since they were calling for 70's today. I checked the temp & he shouted Happy Belated April Fools Day! What a joker!!!


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