Basics of Linebreeding

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Apr 23, 2007
Just saw this on another message board and thought some people on here might be interested:

Important Notice

The Basis Of Linebreeding is back in print, in inventory and available for immediate shipment. In accordance with my promise you're being notified because you inquired about purchasing the book during the time it was out of stock.

For domestic shipment the cost per book is $30 and for international shipment the cost is $40US. Both figures include shipping and handling.

Address all orders to:

Jim Lents
25398 SW Coombs Road
Indiahoma, OK 73552

Please include payment with your order, along with the name and postal address for the delivery point of the book(s). Personal checks or money orders are fine for domestic shipment; however payment for books shipped to international addresses should be via an International Money Order denominated in U.S. dollars and payable in the USA. These can be purchased at most commercial banks in your country. If you have a special request such as an inscription or an autograph, please include it with your order.

I'm sorry for the delay in getting the book back in print, but it proved advantageous that I change both printers and binders. Not only did this eliminate many frustrations for me, but also it resulted in improved quality in the cover, binding and overall finish of the book.

Thanks for your interest and your patience,

Jim Lents, Author