Belt Buckle Bonanza

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Mar 30, 2008
Central Texas
We had never shown to Rash or watched him judge....At first I hated how he walked back and forth and never looked at the cattle he was talking about.  It kinda reminded me of watching kids practicing their judging reasons at a contest.  ;)  But, I have to say, when "I" looked at them and listened to his reasons he was great!  I didn't always agree(although mostly did), but could follow him ALL day long.  I didn't hear anything about controversy with the steers, but there were quite a few differences between the way steers in Ring A and B were judged.  The heifer shows were dead on in Ring A and B, with very few -- if any differences. 


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May 1, 2007
parts unknown
Saw where Randy Daniels  & Rash judged heifers and Rayfield and Fitzgerald did the steers.  How were the numbers in the Chi,Maine, & shorthorn heifers did the shows in KC hurt them?


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Mar 16, 2007
chambero said:
I didn't get to see hardly any of the champion drives and have no idea who won the overalls.  We packed up and headed home as soon as we got done.  Who wound up winning?  I did like the Robinson girl's Charolais.  I really like a lot of the light and medium weight class winners that probably didn't get a piece of their breed champions.  There was a heck of a Limi shown by the Schauer kid in Class 2.

Ring A-Champ  Long's black AOB
          Res. Champ Robinson' Char
          3rd-Williams AOB
          4th Shackelford's Char
         5th Long's Shorthorn

Ring B-Champ Williams AOB
          Res Champ Long's AOB
          3rd- Priesmeyer Maine
          4th- Robinson Char
         5th- Redell Maine

I believe those are right, they are pretty close anyway



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Jul 22, 2008
We went to the Buckle this year, I didn't do good. My sister on the other hand did. We have steers, she has a light weight AOB. Got 3rd in ring A and 2nd in ring B. Also won junior showmanship.
The show was o-kay but the same ones win all the time. Thats o-kay we'll do it agian just for punishment. O0