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Apr 21, 2007
south webster ohio
Open Feeder Calf Show 
Open Feeder Calf Show at 7:30 P.M. on Tuesday, September 23rd.

Must be beef calves.
Calves should be dehorned nd bulls be castrated.
Calves must have been Born after 1/1/08 and must weigh from 350 lbs. To 750 lbs.
Health papers will be required this year Only if the calf originates outside of the State of Ohio.
Heifers will show separately as commercial feeders.
All Calves must be weighed by 5:30 Tuesday of fair.
Entry fee will be $10.00
Premiums paid per class $25, $20, and $15
Grand Champion Steer:      $200
Reserve Champion Steer    $150
Grand Champion Heifer      $100
Reserve Champion Heifer    $75.

Tom Cluxton (chair) at (937)392-1293
Bill Neal Asst. (937)379-1711
Fair Board Office (937)378-3558
Fax (937)378-1361