Bull Hall of Fame- Little Yellow Jacket

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Jan 20, 2007
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Little Yellow Jacket
Submitted by Dragon Lady
"Why I like this bull - fabulous athlete and honest who gives 100% each and every time - never had an off day - he stands in the chute - the door opens - he bucks and spins until the cowboy is off or the 8 seconds is over - then he stands and faces the crowd, turns and walks out - human athletes "eat your heart out!"

There are a wide variety of LYJ progeny around - some  with "jacket" names some without - some are good but none can compare to Dad. Can't say I'd use him (if I could afford him) but sure do admire him!"

Little Yellow Jacket from the Berger Ranch near Mandan is not only the most famous bull in North Dakota, but the most famous bull in the world. He was named the World Champion Bucking Bull in 2002, 2003 and 2004 by the Professional Bullriders Association (PBR). He was recently retired and moved back to the ranch near Mandan, while his offspring are currently making their mark in the world of professional bull riding.
Little Yellow Jacket is the only bull in the history of the PBR to capture the illustrious World Champion Bull title for three years running. At the end of 2004, Little Yellow Jacket had been ridden only 11 times in 76 attempts to an average score of 93 points (of a possible 100). On a scale of one to twenty-five possible points, Little Yellow Jacket's average bull ranking statistic reflects 22.9. Bulls are scored on every "out," regardless of the rider successfully completing the required eight seconds on the clock. The bull rating is an average of the scores the bull receives.
Little Yellow Jacket was last covered by 1997 PBR World Champion Michael Gaffney on April 24, 2004 for an outstanding score of 96.5 points, which tied the record shared by Chris Shivers and Bubba Dunn for the highest marked ride in PBR history.



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