chimmney smoke regulation

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
it's being proposed in the bay area and there will be public meetings.

as far as i can tell, the rationalization is based on infant mortality of already severly comprimised babies including premees who have respitory problems.

but we need to hire 50 more people for an agency with 325 current employees, just to service the bay area so they can drive around and cite people for burning their chimmneys.

here's a link to some information.

scroll down to the workshop report listed under the wood burning devices.

click on the workshop report which is a pdf.  go to the last page and look at the reference list and read the one's that look scientific.  read them carefully.  this is what's coming to your part of the world.

"This work shows an association between respiratory-related postneonatal mortality and fine PM air pollution in California."
(an association is not a cause, yet they are making policy on this and rationalizing hiring 50 people to drive around in cars on cold clear nights and start a hotline for neighbors to call on each other).

"In this analysis we found a relationship between postneonatal mortality from respiratory causes and long-term exposure to PM2.5 but not between mortality from external causes, such as accidents and homicides, and PM2.5 in California. "  i'm pretty sure that this was the easiest conclusion in the annuls of science.  particulate matter doesn't cause murder.  frustration with government does though.
this is the constant rain on your parade that is coming to regulate your part of the woods after all business leaves california.  this is why CA is one of the heaviest taxed states in the nation.  this is incrementalism.  it's a wonder that we don't have 2 government workers for every private sector job instead of the 1:1 ratio we have now.

according to the agency, there will be NO exemption for sealed wood burning EPA compliant stoves.  all will be cited.  no exceptions.  how many more people are necessary for them to just declare we are doomed and they start having forced death so preferred cohorts can live.  some organizations pretty much have that as an idea now.


here's a link to state personnel

with governemt jobs like these, why would anyone work in the private sector?