Clara's Marshall 93

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Jul 26, 2013
Knox County Nebraska
Hi, I'm looking for a photo of this Haumont bull...particularly because he is the sire of the Maid of Promise 189th cow. My white heritage bull is growing very differently from my red one ( DMH Felix). The white one, DMH Snowball, is out of a Maid of Promise 189 daughter. That cow has had several good bulls and this one daughter. The maternal grandsire of my white bull was a Clipper King son that was TH free. I don't see much of that influence showing...but I never saw a very good picture of Clipper King of USA.
There is a lot of Haumont breeding in these pedigrees and it seems the white bull is expressing that. I know you guys won't like the leather on the white bull, but I'm not worried about it. His testicles are good and his libido is high.  I'm just trying to get some better perspective on his ancestry.


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