Close Encounters

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Show Dad

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Jul 7, 2007
1 AU from a G2 yellow dwarf star
Spun up the saucer for a visit to Jr Nationals in KC. Here is my take on what I saw and did.

Had a close encounter with Red and Justme. Great people! Red is exactly what I expected. A great wonderful person. And a real funny lady. Make that very funny! ;D Red you will always be welcome on my planet. 

Justme had a great looking bull calf which has plenty of power. Just like a corvette!  ;) ;)  And I did meet her daughter who now is a princess and a top notch young person. Saw Woody's full brother. And watched Justme do a fit job on their bull calf. BTW Justme is a hoot I can see why Red was hanging out with her. (Thanks for letting me give you a hard time  :D)

I did cruise the hall and notice many Planet members though most were very busy so didn't get to introduce myself. But I did see Jill headed to the ring. Common Sense (I think) and Mbar.

Everyone looked to be having fun and hope all have a great trip home. I did manage to put a tracking device on Red so know she will be home tonight late or tomorrow and probably wore out.

Just never know where you will have a close encounter! <alien>