Cool Room Questions

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6M Ranch

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Sep 5, 2007
Going to start building our cool room, and wanted to pick your brains.
1)  How much ventilation do you provide, and how do you do it?
2)  Has anyone used the "Cool Bot"?
3)  How cold do you run your room?
4)  How long do you leave them in the room?
5)  When do you first put them in the room?  I've heard three months prior to your first show.
6)  Do you tie them up, down?  Do you work them while they're in the room?
Any tips would be appreciated.


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Jan 20, 2007
Gardner, KS
Don't have an answer for the 1st 2
3. We run ours at 60, but we are putting heifers in and they have to have good lungs for life, if you only had steers, I would run it colder.
4. From Dawn til Dark
5. Depends, they are going to lose the hair at some point so you need to decide when you want it to come off, some will put them in after they shed out, we let ours shed gradually because we show all year not just targeting one major show.
6. We rinse in the AM, partial dry and put them in the cooler in front of fans tied up for about 4 hours, spray with sheen blow it in and let them lay down, when we let them out at night we will rinse again and spray with pink oil.  We rearranged our area this year and also have the clipping booth in the cooler.
The biggest thing in a cooler is make sure you have good drainage or the ammonia smell gets pretty rank and that is really hard on them.


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Jan 6, 2008
Hillsboro, TX
I am getting ready to deliver feed to a lady that made a cooloer room. She said she didnt make walls or anything,  she just built a fence and hung black plastic all around it. and then stuck a water cooler, in there and ran the water thoguh a freezer so it would be really cold. She also said DONT put an exaust fan cuz there goes all your cold air. So I dont know I will take pictures and bring back more details


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May 31, 2007
Nacogdoches, TX
We run ours at 45-50 degrees for steers.
Leave them in from dawn to dark, and work hair and stick work in the evening.
We have 1 static exhaust port, same as on a household drier.  A fresh air fan is set to run on a timer for 30secs. every 3 mins.
We tie ours so they can lay down to rest.
Our shows are geared for Jan.- Mar. so we only use it starting in Dec. unless we have extremely warm days prior.
The only way to control the ammonia is through drainage and proper cleaning.  We do this daily and totally break it down once per week.