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Barney Cattle Co

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Oct 30, 2008
Looking to buy 5 to 10 good fall calving club calf pairs or HEAVY bred fall calving cows...wouldn't mind good angus or higher percentage maine cows, but would prefer simmi angus or maine angus. Email me at [email protected] or [email protected] We are in Oklahoma, and would travel a little ways for the right kind of cows in the money.


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Mar 3, 2008
Manhattan, KS / West Point, GA
I would look in the south east if you wont several. the Market is so off right now down there you can get some real deals. If your going to breed them clubby go for some showy Angus with some 1680 in the pedigree. Some really really nice Morgans Directions sold in the Georgia state Angus sale for $850 a piece last week they would have made good clubby Mommas. With that kinda money you can afford to ship them out. If you are interested I can talk to my dad he knows all the guys that need to move some cattle down there. (he's a purebred auctioneer/sale manager)


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Feb 12, 2007
There is a very good female sale held during the Fort Worth Livestock Show.  This year its on Feb 8th.  Its put on by Charles Rollins.  Everything in there is either going to be heavy bred or pairs and sells in pens of 10-12 hd.  There are quite a few fall calving pairs that well.  We are taking three pens.  In the last few years, you could get pairs that are bred back (too short bred to be guaranteed 3n1s, but most are) for around $2000 per pair +/-.  The pens we are taking will have Angus-sired calves at side and will be AI'd back:  Pen 1 - Charolais (Yellowjacket and George), Pen 2 - Carnac/Sunseeker, and Pen 3 - Dirty Hairy.

Quite a few big name breeders there also.  Griswold and McGowan usually brings 2 or 3 pens, Collins has brought some in the past, Reimann's brought some down last year.

I'd expect prices will be down this year.