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Jun 12, 2007
Rice TX
Guns are already being carried legally in most school districts. Most school districts either have their own police dept or have a paid agreement with the city PD or County Sheriffs office to have someone on campus. To get around the zero tolerance on firearms rules the folks who will be carrying guns will have to go through police/deputy officer training and be certified as a peace officer. No other way around it.

As for banning trucks on the streets in "elitist" neighborhoods, the homeowner should have read their OHA rules first. They would have realized that they should not buy the home in the first place because the neighborhood is infested with yankees and leftest idiots.  ;)


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Mar 2, 2008
worthabit said:
The other story was from a suburb of Dallas. I believe it was a "swanky" area of town. A man had bought a 2007 F150 and some of the members of his community board told him he had to park it in his garage, not in the street because it didn't have the "class"  of a vehicle that should be in their community. Lincoln, cadillac, even chevy avalance's were  ok, F150's  no.

What is this world coming to...

Now that is nuts!  Sounds like a real stuck up and snobby community if you ask me. 

I have a friend of mine who is a police officer up in Tennessee.  He said they got a call one time while he was on duty that was ridiculous. 

This guy called and reported that his neighbor had a small tree limb that had fallen off into his yard, and he was wanting the police to come and tell his neighbor to remove it.  No joke!  ::)

This same guy who reported the complaint didn't even tell his neighbor he was calling the police or anything.  Matter as fact his neighbor didn't even know the tree limb had fallen into his yard.  So instead of removing the tree limb from his yard or asking his neighbor if he would remove it, he called the police instead.  I was told by my friend that they are still required to investigate no matter how silly the call is. 

If something that petty bothers someone that bad, I sure would hate to see how that same person would react if some cows got out and started trampling through his yard and manuring in it.  Good grief!