DNA Testing for breed purity

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Show Dad

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Jul 7, 2007
1 AU from a G2 yellow dwarf star
Here is a great Thanksgiving Day topic question:

As DNA testing becomes cheaper and easier, do you think it should be used to determine entry or continued registry in any particular breed association?

Show Heifer

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Jan 28, 2007
YES. If it is good enough to register, it should be valuable enough to spend another $30 to DNA.

But here is the problem: With "horned registered angus", registered maines that are only 50%, and shorties with EVERY breed known to man in them, what exactly is the base line your going to use for the "purity test"????
Comparing a bad apple to a bad apple isn't going to accomplish much.

I honestly think the breed assoc's are out for money and really honestly don't give a hoot about the purity of the breed they represent.  We all know of big breeders in our respective breeds that "run another breed" and we all of heard of those that have knowingly tainted the breed, and yet cause of who they are, and because they are most likely on the breed board of directors, they are passed over and rules are changed or just plain overlooked.
What a shame.

Joe Boy

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Jan 31, 2007
I think it is coming for shows and for sales where bulls and heifers bring high dollars.  Not far down the road will be the submiting of hairs with the registration papers.

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