Don't forget outdoor pets

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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
This time of year we want to remember our outdoor dogs & cats. Cats are easier to ignore since they will find places to make nests & keep warm.
For dogs make sure they have a warm place to sleep & stay. If you use a dog house have it off the ground. Straw is the best bedding this time of year because it dries out quicker. Also make sure they have plenty of unfrozen fresh drinking water. I like to use a electric water dish to keep it unfrozen. Also increase their food a little so they have some extra fat covering.
Poolie has a bed on the porch. It's just old cushions & a blanket. When it gets too cold for him he goes into the barn where he has a nest behind a feeder. If it is too bad I bring him in the garage. The barn kitten has many little hidding places in the hay bales & seems quite happy.
Keep things like anti-freeze away from all pets. It's a sure killer if drank. Also if you use de-icing salt, make sure it's not irritating paws.

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