Embryo's and Semen for sale

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Mar 16, 2007
We have embryos for sale out of Friction and Checks in the Mail and this Play Ray cow.  This cow has produced good cattle for us including a herd sire we sold to Esse and Rathmann in Texas that sired many class winning and placing steers in Texas at the majors.  She is brockle faced, Stout moderate and super smooth.  Embryos are all Grade 1 and priced at $450 per egg for the Friction and $350 per egg for the Checks in the Mail embryos.  Package deals are available.  We will also sell a flush on the cow if interested.  She is open and ready to flush now.  She needs to be flushed to a Charolais bull in my opinion.

We also have 5 units of WHR Sonny and 5 or more units of Gizmo semen for sale.  Everything is Located in San Antonio, Texas.


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