error learning

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
i need to reexamine this

The reason, she suggests, is that the time spent not remembering causes our brains to reinforce that "'mistake pathway."'

In a follow-up study, the researchers found the best way to tackle mistake-learning is to repeat the word (out loud or in your head) once you find the correct answer.

And instead of trying to recall the elusive word, stop and ask a colleague or look it up on the Web.

hmm, this last tact, may reinforce bad learning as well, as you might just default to looking it up rather than committing it to memory.  probably the difference between doctors and laymen.  i've been around med students, they are constantly reinforcing repeating.

perhaps the key is, recognizing bad learning technique, and minimizing those pathways, while maximizing others.  kinda falls under the category of whatever you spend your time on, that's what you are.  hmm.

perhaps this is why we keep electing who we elect.  we've learned that mistake so well and don't even recognize there is something different than a republican or democrat.  i'm sure they take full advantage of this weakness by raising the bar for non-party affiliated candidates to doh, what's the word, ......uh, whew, qualify.