Fair warning to my friends out west---Denver will be invaded!!!

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Jan 20, 2008
North Central Iowa
I thought it was only fair to warn those of you planning to attend the Denver Stock Show that there will be a whole busload of folks from North Iowa and Southern MN arriving there in mid January. 

These folks will be there for three days and will be led by a grumpy, old Iowegian.  A few observations about the group:

1.  mostly a very conservative bunch with a few radicals thrown in for entertainment. 
2.  known to be very frugal with their money--as a resort owner in northern MN once said,  "the damn farmers from Iowa show up with a twenty dollar bill and a clean  pair of overalls and never change either one."
3.  known to be opinionated and stubborn although if you buy them beverages they will listen to you until you run out of money!!
4.  may try to enlighten you on the benefits of ethanol, corn fed beef, corn stover, corn cobs, etc, etc, etc.
5.  may try to enlighten you on the benefits of soy diesel, soy bean meal, soy plastics, etc., etc., etc.
6.  may try to convince you how much they know about world affairs when the farthest they've ever traveled is to Des Moines for the state wrestling or basketball tournament in their bib overalls.

So consider this fair warning--they will be invading( if they can all scrape up a few bucks to pay for the trip) and you might want to consider running away if you hear a group of people coming toward you  saying they are thirsty for some "pop", you hear them agreeing with one another by saying "YOU BET",  or if one of them steps in something he shouldn't and they all say "Uffda, watch where you're going!"

I've warned you---the responsibility is now yours!!


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Jun 22, 2008
I got a question for you what are the benefits of ethanol this is our topic in AG Issues just wanted to see your view on it


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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
ethanol can generate subsidies (profit) and socialize losses.

make a list of ethanol sources.

bio diesel must fry lots of french fries to generate supply.  gotta make sure there is no beef tallow or synthetic beef tallow for taste in there.  gotta be tolerant vegetarian grease.