Feeding cows

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Tx Black Steer

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Jun 20, 2007
Today I went to feed my cows.  Even though they have plenty of grass I like to call them up to the lot and feed them and check everything out.  Well today all came up except my young bull (a Jazz son from Buck) that I just put back in for the season.  I thought I knew where he might be so I went to the side I thought he might be on and started calling.  Sure enough he started bellering back.  So I got a half a sack of feed and started walking to where I heard him.  When I found him he came right to me.  So I started walking and calling, he started fallowing me.  I led him that way for probably a mile and a half to my place and he fallowed me right in my pen.  It pays to teach cows your call and feed them!


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Jan 20, 2007
Gardner, KS
That's how we do it here, I know some don't like feeding cows, but it sure makes them easier to work with.

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