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Apr 13, 2007
Cottontown, Tennessee
Young Chuck moved to Texas & bought a donkey from a farmer for a $100.00 . The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day.
The next day the farmer drove up & & said "sorry son , but I have some bad news , the donkey died.
Chuck said well then just give me my money back.
The farmer said I can't I've already spent it.
Chuck said ok, just bring the me the dead donkey.
The farmer said what ya gonna do with a dead donkey?
Chuck said I'm going to raffle him off.
The farmer said you can't raffle off a dead donkey.
Chuck said sure I can, just watch me . I just won't tell anybody he's dead.
A month later the farmer met up with Chuck & asked him what happened with the dead donkey.
Chuck said I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets for $2.00 each and made a profit of $898.00
The farmer said didn't anyone complain?
Chuck said just the guy that that won. so I gave him his $2.00 back.

Chuck grew up & now is a lawyer & a politician.


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Apr 21, 2007
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hillbilly gets on a plane,.. flyin home
a young executive type takes the seat beside him
a they get ready to take off and the hillbilly gets ready to take a nap
his seat mate introudues his self and asks him if he' lke to mak a bet...
hillbilly ask him what the bet was......young exec says i'll ask you a question
and the question has to have both numbers and letters in it...and if you cant get give me $5.00...
then you can ask me a question...and if i cant answer it i'll give yoiu 500.00
hillbilly says ok....the young executive gives the hillbilly a complex math problem.....
finally the hillbilly says..i dont konw.....reaches in his pocket and gives the young exec a 5.00 bill
the young exec quickly asks what his quesion is.....
the hillbillysays  " what has 3 legs to walk up the hill...but 4 to walk down...
the yong exec..thinks...gets out his laptop..seaches for 25 minutes...
even uses the airplane phone and called 3 different professions.....
finally he reaches in his pocket and gatheres up 500.00...and gives it to the hillibly
hillbilly says thanks...tilts his head back and strart to tak a nab.....
the youing exec says....well....the hillbilly said well what...
the exec says...." what has 3 legs to walk up ahill....but 4 to walk down???
hillbilly reaches in his pocket and gives him 5 bucks and says...i dont know.... :D  jbarl


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Jan 10, 2007
A health inspector dies and goes up to knock on the Pearly Gates.  Saint Peter says..."we don't need you here, you health inspectors are nothing but trouble.  Go to the "other" place.

So the humble health inspector goes to hell and of course the devil says, dont worry, we take anyone!

The health inspector is bored, starts cleaning up all the mold, smoke, raw sewage and actually makes them cook the meat!

One day God asks the devil how things are in hell.  Oh, much better!  That health inspector you sent down here really cleaned things up!  God says ....well maybe we should have kept him.  Send him up.  Nothing doing, says the devil.  Well, God says, maybe I will just sue you!

The devil says......"Just where are you going find a lawyer"?????    8)