Getting Ready For Spring Breeding/ CSU

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Jan 20, 2007
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Prepare Now For Breeding Season 

April showers bring May flowers; they also give you time to begin planning and preparing for the upcoming breeding season. Jack Whittier, Colorado State University (CSU) Extension beef specialist, offers these tips:
Purchase replacement bulls or line up artificial-insemination services at least 30 days before the start of breeding season. New bulls should be brought into their environment about a month prior to turnout so they can adapt to their new surroundings.

Use EPDs along with visual observation to select bulls that best fit your goals.

Have your vet perform a breeding soundness exam on all bulls to be used this year. It's important to find sub-fertile bulls early to allow for replacements to be purchased, or for the bull in question to be treated and rechecked.

Make final replacement-heifer selections based on performance, weight, pelvic size and reproductive tract score. Immunize your replacement heifers for respiratory diseases like IBR and BVD.

Breed heifers in a short (42-45 days) breeding season. Some producers like to breed heifers a month before the start of breeding season for mature cows. First-calf heifers normally take longer than older cows to return to heat after calving. If first-calf heifers calve early, they're synched with the older cows for their second calf. In addition, you can watch the heifers more closely early in the calving season and provide additional attention if needed.
-- CSU release