Goat genetics

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Oct 7, 2017
Sort of just a general question. Where in the country do the best goat families come from? I come from a show cattle background but mg kids chose meat goats. I bought a small starter heard a few years back. We started our our first year dead last. Here it is our 5th year and we are placing 3rd or better with our wheathers and does for the last 2 years. I want to push for the next level as my kids are really having fun and they are natural competitors and hard workers. Im proud of what we have accomplished in a short amount of time. My background in show cattle has really helped transition. I competed all over the country and hung many banners in the show cattle industry without spending tens of thousands on a steer. I remember how awesome its felt to see my hard work pay off and i want to try to help my kids do the same.

I have seen and heard a lot about Oklahoma but im not real familiar with the goat families and they families producing the most desired genetics. I put together a great group of does and I sort of fell into a nice whether bred buck that came from a line of ennobled parents and grandparents. We use to AI our cattle so im going to do a little playing with that one a few select does.