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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA

The state's Department of Environmental Protection has mandated that the city install a grit -- or sand -- removal facility at the wastewater treatment plant, a project that is estimated to cost almost $10 million. The state is not providing any money for the project, which Council President Thomas Conry said is wrong.

"This city doesn't have two dimes to rub against each other," Hay said. "Mandates don't mean you have to do it, they mean you're being told to do it. If the fines are going to be less money, I say the hell with (the state)."

Councilor at-large Dean Tran recommended that the council instruct the city's delegation to the Statehouse to introduce legislation banning unfunded mandates.

as president of a decidely small water company, we use buckets to get rid of sand.  we don't have a filter either.  also, we used a lower power pump and installed an extra tank to eliminate sedimintation.

in wastewater treatment, grit can wear out equipment fast.  but that should be the local communities perogative, not the state's.  grit is routinely washed out of sewer systems, fire hydrant lines etc.  sediment is also where fecal chloroform hides well and causes problems downstream.

that said, we want how many more people in the US?

we had a fecal chloroform positive on our water plant because someone cross connected to ag water to lower their bill. 

we have two 3 gallon per flush toilets i am converting to 1.1 gpf that you only have to flush once.  the 3gpf toilets have to be flushed 2 or 3 times.  yes i tested them.  long showers and baths are also a problem. 

this is one major reason to reduce water demand, because it costs so much to treat it, not because cities take too much from ag, which they don't in general, at least not what ag could save on their own anyway and have done a good job at the last 10 years.

i'm also thinking the 40 cent might be a misprint of 40%.  could be wrong on that.  saw a study the other day how little impact desalanation costs would increase city water when all factors including sources are factored in.  totally awesome article.  didn't realize we were that close.

fitchburg, mass is a town or 40,000 people.

800,000/12 year to finance 10,000,000 = about 1.7 dollars month for 20 years.  could be wrong on thenumber of years.  desalanation projections are in the range of $40/month for domestic water use which can still be dramatically reduced.

seems reasonable.

my wife once told me when our son was taking long showers that he needed long showers cause it was the only thing he enjoyed at that time.  he was kind of in a down period.  uh, i didn't agree.

seems reasonable.