Harvest update

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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Haven't been on for a couple of days & thought I'd take a few moments this morning to check in. Harvest is in full swing. I have to say that I really miss the hubby. Many nights I've been in bed when he gets home. I don't see how these guys put in 16 hour days.
We are running 2 combines & will also be chopping the last of the hay for the year. Yields have been better than expected on both corn & beans so far.
It cooled down finally. We were 20 degrees cooler Tuesday than it was Sunday. I actually got too much sun sunday & paid for it Monday. The heifers are enjoying the cooler weather too & it's nice to see them not sweating.
I've pretty much gotten the ringworm under control. Only have one patch left on the heifer. Gypsy's vivks seemed to work the best on this strain. I need to get the vet out for health papers. The countdown to Louisville is fast approching.
Everyone take care, keep safe & keep thinking good thoughts!