Haven't been in in a while...

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Aug 7, 2008
Sorry I haven't been in for a while, been a bit busy with the steer.  I got to try to lead himi for the first time today and I was scared out of my mind. Over the weekend we were sorting cattle and one of them chased a friend of mine, Michael. It scared me a lot. So today after many protests Michael convinced me to lead it. I was scared it was going to run over me or something so he held the end of the rope for me. Didn't do anything, but it helped. I was still scared and he was trying to calm me down so he was like, "I promise I won't let it hurt you, if it tries to do anything, I will push you out of the way and it will hurt me, not you." I know that was probably nto true but it helped, and now here I am, tired and in one peice after leading him three times around the pen. I am so proud of myself. I will get newer pics of him to post later on when I'm not so busy. Love you all! -Krissy